After all these years, the app I really really want to exist is still Pokémon for Naturalists.

Seek from iNaturalist is good, if limited, but dammit, I want REAL gamification. I want people to get a serious hit of dopamine from their citizen science. Especially plants.

I want to record sightings of ten different shrubs and BAM you get a Shrubasaur, but he’s not gonna evolve into Oakdaimon until you log fifty species of tree. I want obscure-ass Naturemon that only show up if you’ve successfully logged thirty species of nearly identical lichens. I want to walk into a swamp and find a gamer in hip waders grinding water bug IDs so that he can finally get Belastoman, the Toe-Cutter.

Then ideally I want to be able to battle other naturalists. I want to yell “Sedgizard, I choose you!” and have my opponent stare in mingled awe and horror, because bitch, it took me years to document three hundred native sedges, and NOW IT WILL EAT YOUR FACE.

…I am pretty sure I am not the only person who would be down for this.


#story ideas I will never write #(sort of) #Pokemon #disappointed permanent resident of The Future #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what #apocalypse cw? #amnesia cw?

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