What is it about fics then, where characters always, ALWAYS, have a spare toothbrush conveniently just hanging about in bathroom cupboards for that time someone is, usually unexpectedly, staying the night?

I have lived a few decades now, and I have never known anyone who keeps spare toothbrushes. Is it really common??

if you are the kind of just-in-case clutter goblin who does not throw things away, and you live in a country where it is standard practice for the dentist to give you a free toothbrush every time you go, then it is extremely possibly to have several years-old unused “spare” toothbrushes of extremely cheap but basically functional quality stashed away in your bathroom whether or not you visit the dentist at the recommended frequency

Don’t people buy multipacks of toothbrushes? I use an electric now, but back in the day I got the ones from my dentist and also bought the 8 pack of toothbrushes then I’d forget about my spare 5 toothbrushes in my cupboard when I see the multipack on sale again and then – you get the idea.

There are people who don’t keep spare toothbrushes??

What if you fumble your toothbrush and it falls onto the toilet plunger, do you then just *not have* a toothbrush?

What if you go to the store–for any toothbrush-replacement reason, fumbling or otherwise–and they’re out of toothbrushes because it’s the 2020s and a store is always out of an absolute minimum of three things on your shopping list at any given time?

*please* let me give you a toothbrush from out of my gallon bag of spare toothbrushes, I am *begging* you, you do not have to live on a knife’s edge


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