living in the suburbs is like mall. Movies. Mall again. Go to target. Go to gamestop. Back to the mall. Barnes and noble. Back to the mall. Chili’s. Back to the mall. Eat hot chip. Lie. And I’m SICK of it!!!!!

I’m sorry god please forgive me I would give anything to go to Barnes and noble and then dinner at Chili’s with a lava mountain cake please lord take me back I’ll never complain again



#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #juxtaposition #(…when was OP) #(…2020-01-10) #(*hell* of a timing‚ I do feel bad for them) #((second post is 2020-04-23; Poi’s comment is 2023-01-22)) #TBH I’m surprised this thread didn’t contain a *third* regretful post about people going to the mall and spreading Omicron everywhere #(personally I went to the mall last year in a respirator and had a lovely time) #((though I did *not* have dinner at Chili’s: I bought a smoothie and drank it outdoors)) #((lifting up the bottom of my elastomeric and sticking a straw through the gap)) #covid19 #illness tw #embarrassment squick #food

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