Behind the scenes of Godzilla (1998)

man why didn’t they just have this guy fight him off. dude’s huge

i wouldn’t fight godzilla if i was this dude’s size, for roughly the same reason i wouldn’t fight a komodo dragon at the size i currently am


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Still collecting the full alphabet of the “live, laugh, love” variants if anyone has some good examples.

Bonus if they can fit the “We can’t ___, _____, ____ our way out of this.”


compilation of the comments’ best hits + some of mine own.

secure, contain, protect


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living in the suburbs is like mall. Movies. Mall again. Go to target. Go to gamestop. Back to the mall. Barnes and noble. Back to the mall. Chili’s. Back to the mall. Eat hot chip. Lie. And I’m SICK of it!!!!!

I’m sorry god please forgive me I would give anything to go to Barnes and noble and then dinner at Chili’s with a lava mountain cake please lord take me back I’ll never complain again



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i love how podcast fandoms have a way of producing fifty million versions of the same character’s appearance and yet you know exactly which character it is every time

especially when there’s practically no canonical description of the character in question

i may not know what cecil “the voice of night vale” gershwin palmer or jonathan “the archivist” sims look like but i sure can tell them apart at a glance

This is a really interesting parallel to art of deities in classical civs (I don’t remember this lecture super well, but I’m trying!) Basically, you could tell which deity the artist was depicting not based on their features, but by their iconography: Artemis would be depicted with a bow, or dogs, or deer, so that you could tell it was her. I’m pretty sure the same concept is in action here! Different characters are depicted with different color palettes and motifs (such as eyes and tape recorders) so that you can tell who it is.

I just think that’s really cool.

Yeah, this. Like I’m not even very far into tma but I still know that it’s



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Is there a word for that like, “bright darkness” you get in winter?? When it’s been snowing or it’s supposed to snow past sunset and the sky isn’t Dark Enough. One of my favorite things

Thanks to @raindropwindow and a handful of articles, it’s called snow albedo, skyglow, snowglow, or just light scattering! It’s the result of moon- or artificial light reflecting off ground snow, low clouds, or ice crystals.


that nsfw snow…


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obsessed with the german subreddit called Gittertiere (Lattice Animals) which is dedicated to posting pictures of abandoned shopping carts.


Brave lattice animal is blocking the entry to the nest of a tin-vroomer


Completely over-bred lattice animal. Is this still considered beautiful? … In my opinion, this is lattice animal abuse


This lattice animal is utterly tuckered out from waiting for their play mate


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a stopped clock is right twice a day

a clock with a 0.1% error in the length of a second is right once every five hundred days, if you don’t apply corrections

this is not a metaphor for anything


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