“Converted” Dr.’s office for sale in Berlin Heights, Ohio for $315K. You get ample parking, plus a handicap space. I don’t know if someone did a bad conversion, or if they tried to stage it to look like a home, but it’s listed as a single family residence, not an office. Look at this:


The first thing we see is a glass foyer, hydraulic self-closing doors, lighted exit sign, drop ceiling w/neon lights throughout and an indoor/outdoor carpet.


The waiting room, complete w/a large reception window, is staged as a combination living/dining room. Notice the brochures fanned out on the coffee table, Dr.’s office style.


The property lists 5 bds. This is the main bd., looking completely idiotic.


Each bd. is equipped with cabinets, a sink, subtly checkered linoleum and a writing table.


The office, of course, would make a roomy home office or home schooling space.


Next to the office is a workroom/lab with 2 sinks. Maybe this could be a craft space.


This is staged as the kitchen, but there is no damned kitchen. It was the staff break room. All you have in here is a sink.


It lists 2 baths, but there are no bathing facilities, just 2 restrooms. Ooh, look- a folding diaper changing table.


The realty has included one of these handy confusing 3D layouts of the “home.”


This one’s a little clearer- you can see the bds. 2 bathrooms, etc. It would take a lot of reno to turn this into a house.


The only redeeming quality is that it has a geo-thermal heating system- these are great and cost between $18,000 – $30,000 to install in a single family home. (Is that a weather balloon floating above?)


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it could be doable #but i would have so many anxiety attacks #if i tried to even visit somebody living in there

Change the paint on the walls, and the flooring? Oh, and the lighting of course. Also, if any of those walls are only there for privacy, and not load-bearing, take them out, or open them up with a wide archway door, so getting from room to room is less of a maze run through narrow corridors.

All (but one?) of those individual room have plumbing, including the “Master bedroom” – wonder if any could be converted into a wheelchair accessible roll-in shower.

Mostly, I’m wondering why someone was in a rush to convert a doctor’s office into a home. Did the town zoning change, and they couldn’t resell it as an office?

(I think I spy a microwave in the break room)

I’m kind of torn, because yeah, this is so Very A Doctor’s Office, and not a A House–

–but sinks in every bedroom is very much “I never realised I wanted this, but I want it. ”

If you turned the staff kitchen into an actual kitchen and added some showers, this seems like it could become a nice little “deliberately a group house” house?


#I don’t think I’d want to live here but it’s interestingly disorienting to look at #love the decor fandom #medical cw? #this probably deserves some other warning tag but I am not sure what

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