my quality of life has improved tenfold ever since i was introduced to breezewiki, a site that exists solely to remove the bloat from wikis. no more ads, quizzes, random autoplaying videos, popups, recommended pages from other sites, or discord server member lists. just the wiki. these things are finally readable again

BreezeWiki is SOOOO good! they even have an instruction manual on their site for adding an extension to your browser that will automatically redirect you to the BreezeWiki version of any Fandom link you happen to visit, which has been an absolute game-changer for me. i’ve literally already forgotten what regular Fandom pages looked like, it’s beautiful.

i just discovered today that they ALSO have a function (if you install the auto-redirect extension) that will usually stop you to let you know if a Fandom wiki you’re visiting has a non-Fandom alternative you can visit instead. for example i was trying to look up a Zelda thing today and was greeted with this message:


so yeah, love the work they’re doing over there! can’t recommend BreezeWiki enough. i wish an inevitable and humiliating death to Fandom and i’m very grateful for intrepid heroes like these folks.


#ooh #fun with loopholes #the more you know #(prolific UBlock Origin element blocking can make Wikia *usable*‚ but BreezeWiki’s formatting is definitely a step beyond that) #I’ve added this to my redirector extension

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