Help help help I got a message about something I’m selling so I went to check facebook marketplace to see if any of the stuff I’ve listed there has gotten views yet and look what was on my fucking homepage


But wait- it gets better



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You would kill a man for this bedroom


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i achieved my wildest little creature dreams this weekend and turned my regular bed into a mossbed and it’s everything i’ve ever wanted in a snooze spot

thanks for thinking my bed is cool. here’s a google doc with the links to almost everything shown here, or at least info on them, along with the links to a few pillows i got for the mossbed that didn’t arrive in the mail yet, and some bonus stuff i found that i didn’t buy (but might in the future.)


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Convertible Bed in Form of Upright Piano

snoozing peacefully in this bed when it violently snaps shut and starts playing gymnopedie no. 1 amidst the sounds of me desperately calmoring to escape


Sing us a song, you’re the pianobed

Both a bed and piano upright

Now you’re trapped in this mattress and melody

While Tumblr all laughs at your plight

Now Mozart and Bach, they are friends of mine

And Brahms with his sweet lullaby

But when my bed folds up tight in the dead of the night

I can’t sleep however I try

I say “Wolfgang, Johannes and Johann,

I respect all your great symphonies

But I can’t get much sleep with concertos

Being played on my head and my knees”

They let me sleep in on a Saturday

At least every once in a while

And when it gets out of tune, I can sleep until noon

A slumbering musicophile

Then the piano snaps shut, a crescendo

And the chords all resound in my ear

And it’s goodbye bedtime, and hello three-four time

And move over, Beethoven is here.

Play us a song, you’re the pianobed

I’ll be stuck in your mattress all night

So I may as well sing to your melody

While Tumblr all laughs at my plight


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in much more interesting news, today at work I got to explore an abandoned 500-year-old castle, seized by the state because of the owner’s massive tax evasion

we spent an hour and half going all over the grounds, I’d never felt so #urbex


just want to point out that we found this door at one point





seeing this door makes me feel like i have never truly contemplated the possibilities of doors as a concept, as though a new understanding of what it means to be a door has been forced upon me


So lots of people in the notes want to see more pictures,

I see the virtual tour set up by the state to help with the sale is still available, so have at it :


excellent news, everyone:

first of all, I have confirmed you can find the door in the virtual tour above


but second.

there’s two of them


here is a picture of the new one from the other side:


why would you have two of these, you ask? I don’t know, but the floor plan might give us a hint:


Circled in red is where i found the new one. There’s four different floors with this kind of structure. I have checked every corner and most of them have regular flat doors set diagonally or something boring like that. But. Two angledoors!


(here’s where the one in the OP can be found. notice it’s a different floor, “R+1” rather than “Rdc”)


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“Converted” Dr.’s office for sale in Berlin Heights, Ohio for $315K. You get ample parking, plus a handicap space. I don’t know if someone did a bad conversion, or if they tried to stage it to look like a home, but it’s listed as a single family residence, not an office. Look at this:


The first thing we see is a glass foyer, hydraulic self-closing doors, lighted exit sign, drop ceiling w/neon lights throughout and an indoor/outdoor carpet.


The waiting room, complete w/a large reception window, is staged as a combination living/dining room. Notice the brochures fanned out on the coffee table, Dr.’s office style.


The property lists 5 bds. This is the main bd., looking completely idiotic.


Each bd. is equipped with cabinets, a sink, subtly checkered linoleum and a writing table.


The office, of course, would make a roomy home office or home schooling space.


Next to the office is a workroom/lab with 2 sinks. Maybe this could be a craft space.


This is staged as the kitchen, but there is no damned kitchen. It was the staff break room. All you have in here is a sink.


It lists 2 baths, but there are no bathing facilities, just 2 restrooms. Ooh, look- a folding diaper changing table.


The realty has included one of these handy confusing 3D layouts of the “home.”


This one’s a little clearer- you can see the bds. 2 bathrooms, etc. It would take a lot of reno to turn this into a house.


The only redeeming quality is that it has a geo-thermal heating system- these are great and cost between $18,000 – $30,000 to install in a single family home. (Is that a weather balloon floating above?)

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Change the paint on the walls, and the flooring? Oh, and the lighting of course. Also, if any of those walls are only there for privacy, and not load-bearing, take them out, or open them up with a wide archway door, so getting from room to room is less of a maze run through narrow corridors.

All (but one?) of those individual room have plumbing, including the “Master bedroom” – wonder if any could be converted into a wheelchair accessible roll-in shower.

Mostly, I’m wondering why someone was in a rush to convert a doctor’s office into a home. Did the town zoning change, and they couldn’t resell it as an office?

(I think I spy a microwave in the break room)

I’m kind of torn, because yeah, this is so Very A Doctor’s Office, and not a A House–

–but sinks in every bedroom is very much “I never realised I wanted this, but I want it. ”

If you turned the staff kitchen into an actual kitchen and added some showers, this seems like it could become a nice little “deliberately a group house” house?


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Vertical koi pond feature.

can the fish CHOOSE to go in there or not?? who decided to empower them with a fish-wizards tower so that they may gaze out onto the realm of humankind????? this is too much power for any aquatic vertebrate to hold!!!

they can totally leave and swim around in the pond if they want to. this is considered a form of enrichment even, which half-answers question number 2. i can assure you though that the knowledge of the air-world they can gather from the observatory will not be used for evil nor good, as the noble quest for more pellets overshadows such trivial affairs.

what are the man-made concepts of good or evil, what is a false dichotomy, in the face of the one true power in the universe: PELLETS


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Literally any other colour would’ve been a better choice guys.



I’d like to point out that the colour red has more positive than negative meanings.


im sorry but this reply absolutely killed me

red can mean whatever the heck you want it to mean, that is never going to change that this straight up looks like they DRAGGED A BLOODY BODY ACROSS THE FUCKING FLOOR 😂


Hi fun fact, colors do have meaning and there is a legit thing called color theory. Red does has more positive connotations than negative like the @mintymaiden said. Red is associated with more love, lust, passion than blood and death just like the chart shows you but If you want, here’s a link for you to check it out yourself. Also, check out “The Designer’s Dictionary of Color” by Sean Adams. Have fun learning something




I think y’all are missing the point here.


You can theorize to Nebraska and back but that doesn’t change my immediate reaction which is that someone is literally dragging a corpse around


I like that the presumption here is that “No One On Tumblr Has Heard of Color Theory, Let Me Explain in Depth” rather than simply acknowledging that the VISUAL EFFECTS of this particular color choice, applied in the manner it was, can still amount to “this is a hospital and that looks like blood”

like, color theory doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If your design of choice for Blood Red Paint is asymmetric splatters and sploches against the wall, or in this case, a snail trail on the hallway’s floor, an infographic won’t override the viewers’ instinct.


this post is the perfect summation of tumblr’s reading comprehension and critical thought abilities


Reblogging because there’s a lot of new people on here and you need some context for the jokes.


Help a newcomer, reblog Children’s Hospital Colour Theory


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