werewolf: a male lycanthrope

wifewolf: a female lycanthrope

willwolf: a voluntary lycanthrope

whiffwolf: a lycanthrope that needs a bath

wellwolf: a creature that it sometimes a wolf and sometimes a water source

wealwolf: a lycanthrope that’s done well for themselves in business

walewolf: a lycanthrope that beats people up instead of biting them

wailwolf: a sad lycanthrope

whalewolf: the terror of the high seas

warwolf: a trebuchet manufactured during the siege on stirling castle

wallwolf: a lycanthrope that’s shy at parties

waswolf: a recovered lycanthrope

wheelwolf: your lycanthrope friend that’s DDing for the night

whizwolf: a lycanthrope that’s gotta take a leak

whirlwolf: a lyncanthrope chasing its own tail

wholewolf: the equivalent of two whalfwolves

whorewolf: a lyncanthrope of negotiable affection

warmwolf: a cozy canine

wormwolf: as in, the wifewolf says to the werewolf, ‘would you still love me if i were a wormwolf?’

#i’m stealing whalewolves for sure #you fuckers with your yacht better watch out (itsbenedict)


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #high context jokes #language #werewolves

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