YOU CAN turn off “based on your likes”; it’s in preferences > dashboard.

I also turned ON “timestamps on everything,” which is awesome


Thanks. That’s where I looked, and failed, to find it yesterday.

I just looked again. It’s there now! They unloaded the update on me before they unloaded the toggle for it. Thanks!

I’m still leaving Tumblr Labs off, though, I think

The toggle wasn’t in my settings when I looked yesterday, either, but it is now, and I’ve switched it off with considerable determination.

Still no toggle for the “Hey Look At This Random Post!” thingie, though.

(FWIW, I’ve had Tumblr Labs switched off the whole time, so I don’t think that’s a factor.)


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Listen im just saying scribes ‘prev tagging’ their manuscripts is part of how we lost countless classical works but those who copied out the tags preserved fragments that r sometimes all we have so :// choose which side of history you want to be on

#this is both a joke and not a joke  #from an archiving standpoint copying out tags u want to preserve is far more effective than prev tagging!  #not that thats the point but at some level maybe it should be!a  #brother solitude referencing a work in his library is being strangled. brother gregory copy£  #copying the relevant sections ily  #tho more realistically i wish gregory had copied more not just chunks  #but that shit takes a while


#Tumblr: a User’s Guide #amnesia cw #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #yes this #also yes I *am* going meta and copying out OP’s tags #they are good tags! #I went and checked because I was curious what level of seriousness she was operating on #and yeah that sounds pretty much like where I’m at #at this point my Tumblr *is* primarily an archive and if I reblog something that means I want it preserved #long after this website is dust in the wind‚ pieces of it will live on in my reblogs #and you can fucking quote me on that


Changes to Tagged and Search URLs on Tumblr

Heads up! We’re changing the way we parse URLs on tagged and search pages, to properly encode/decode them to support spaces, hyphens, plus signs, and underscores. Most of these changes will be invisible to you, but if you’ve kept bookmarks or links to tagged and search pages on Tumblr or your blog, read on!

We’re going to start this process by rolling out a new setting you can enable when customizing your blog on the web:


What does it do? Today, and with that toggle disabled, going to a blog’s tagged URL like would turn “tumblr-tuesday” into “tumblr tuesday” and you’d see posts with that tag. Same with search URLs. If you have that toggle enabled, that URL will be decoded as “tumblr-tuesday” instead. If you want to link to the “tumblr tuesday” tag on your blog, you’ll have to use “tumblr%20tuesday” in the URL. But this means that if you use certain special characters in your tags, you’ll now properly be able to link to them!

The toggle above gives you early access to figure this all out. On December 1st, 2021, we’ll be enabling this behavior for all blogs on Tumblr.

We’ll update all of the links when you click on tags in Tumblr. However, if you manually added links to your tags in your blog description, theme, somewhere off Tumblr, saved bookmarks, or in posts (like a pinned post on your blog), then you’ll need to update those links if they contain spaces, underscores, or hyphens. Spaces in tags will now be encoded as “%20” rather than “-” or “+”. To do this, turn that toggle on, and click around on your tags to see if any of the URLs changed. Having this setting enabled and updating any links you’ve saved somewhere will future-proof you for when we roll this change out site-wide.


We hope this is great news for anyone who uses tags in specific ways (we see you!) and has been frustrated that the way to link to them has been inconsistent, or just plain not working since… forever. We’re working on several fixes across Tumblr related to these inconsistencies, but the majority of them require no action on your part.

Please hit us up via Support if you have any questions or concerns about this!


#PSA #Tumblr: a User’s Guide #The Great Tumblr Apocalypse #this needed doing but it’s a shame that they spent fourteen years digging the hole first #the sooner you fix it the fewer links are lying around to break #(reminder: my Tumblr is for interaction and appearing-on-your-dashboard purposes only) #(the Tumblr-hosted archives are *not* the canonical copy of this blog and #we here at Brinens and Things disclaim responsibility for all broken links and other such issues found within them) #(please visit for a maintained version)




It’s funny how whenever a major media site publishes a bloviating thinkpiece about The Rise and Fall of Tumblr, their elaborately justified list of things about Tumblr that modern social media users hate just happens to be perfectly, one-to-one identical with a list of things about Tumblr that make it difficult for advertisers to harvest personally identifying information about individual users. Like, exactly who do y’all think you’re fooling, buddy?

“Tumblr died because people just hate websites that don’t have intrusive advertising built into the platform!”

I especially like the ones that frame arguments to the effect of “having no functional ability to curate your user experience is actually a good thing because people are inherently lazy and content recommendation algorithms can be trusted to act in everyone’s best interests“.


#Tumblr: a User’s Guide #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what #the number of robot-vacuum reviewers who think ”not cloud-dependent” is a *downside* is… #…I guess not ”boggling” because see above‚ but it’s *displeasing* #I will instead go with the recommendation of paranoiacs on Reddit†‚ who are much more reasonable #(although I am not sure yet if I will be buying one in the foreseeable future) #(Mom has expressed interest in the idea too‚ so I might frame it as a present for her) #(maybe for the big six-oh) #((in addition to my traditional birthday gift to her of a fancy quiche)) #(((I mean‚ the decision may not end up being mine to make with all the supply-chain shit‚ but at the moment it *does* seem to be in stock))) #†Eufy RoboVac 11S #tag rambles #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #domesticity



You ever talk to someone who hates tumblrs userbase but has never actually used it so they’re completely unaware of the absolute batshit stuff that goes on here daily and they’re like “Tumblr? Ugh, that’s that website where everyone thinks Spider-Man is trans”

He is trans and if you disagree you don’t deserve to know about smooth shark


#Tumblr: a User’s Guide #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #(honestly though *nobody* deserves to know about smooth shark) #(smooth shark is not a thing that should be inflicted on anyone) #(if you don’t know what I’m talking about consider yourself lucky and I hope you never have to find out)



wait what the- i just posted my- but instead it just posted the ask again??? or- no, the dash is showing an old post, what in the hell…?

is anyone else seeing this:


instead of how it shows on my blog:


? refreshing the dash doesn’t seem to fix it on my end, and idk if this is a problem with how tumblr’s serving the data or if it’s something funky on the client end

I was seeing posts in scrambled order too. Checked in a couple of times over the course of the evening to see if it had sorted itself out yet (it hadn’t), until eventually it occurred to me: “hang on, is Tumblr fucking around with that ~best-stuff-first~ shit again?”

And, yeah, they were. There’s a toggle in the Dashboard section of the settings.


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Anonymous asked: do you support the war in vietnam?




ma’am this is a John Lennon/Paul McCartney erotica blog

and SCENE! that was my impersonation of what i think tumblr would be like in the late 1960’s. just to clarify this is a joke. this isn’t real. there is no beatles erotica here. it’s a bit. it’s a joke

this post is a failure because I was completely willing to accept both John/Paul fanblog and people demanding political positions on the Vietnam War in 2020 without question


#agreed: this is a completely plausible post to see on real!Tumblr #Tumblr: a User’s Guide #I didn’t actually laugh aloud but it still amused me enough to reblog


An intriguing new twist, I think – it appears that if someone comments on a post and their tumblr is marked “contains sensitive content”, the comment doesn’t show up in your activity page. I noticed I wasn’t seeing all the comments to a post and went to the tumblrs of the people I wasn’t seeing, and both of them were marked for sensitive content. 

Not sure if this is consistent or a bug or just coincidence or what, but folks may want to be aware it’s apparently going on. 


#I can kind of see why they’d do that but also #*long sigh* #PSA #Tumblr: a User’s Guide






every day i teeter slightly closer to the deadly precipice of Following Argumate

Try it! It’s like front-row tickets to the world’s tamest bloodsport.

and thanks to his owl motif you even get to occasionally See Birb

i have to resist

someone needs to talk me out of this

@argumate please talk me out of this

real argumate connoisseurs don’t follow argumate, they follow the idiots that follow argumate


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #(I’ve heard that line about argumate connoisseurs before and tbh it seems about right) #(personally I’m fine with my current level of indirect argumate and feel no desire to actually follow him) #((just now I read one day’s worth of dash in a bit under forty minutes)) #((can *argumate followers* do that? I didn’t think so)) #((and being exposed to The Discourse without the protective layer of other people! *shakes head*)) #Tumblr: a User’s Guide