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I have cleverly arranged my schedule so that I can participate in both canadian and american thanksgiving. I have no idea what canadians do for canadian thanksgiving but I ate a lot. wikipedia claims:

While the actual Thanksgiving holiday is on a Monday, Canadians may gather for their Thanksgiving feast on any day during the long weekend; however, Sunday is considered the most common.

which is, frankly, a lot more sane than having specifically thursday off for dinner. no I am not suggesting any amendment to the american practice

#frankly I like eating so I might adopt canadian thanksgiving to me extended schedule of holidays #dont currently have anything between labor day and thanksgiving unless we count 9/11 but that’s still a month ago #fills a good hole

The Objectively Correct solution to Columbus Day discourse.

hmm apparently google calendar a) doesn’t recognize Casimir Pulaski day and b) will not let you add a repeating event in the form of “nth day of the week of [month]”. going to need better software

til there is a federal “general pulaski day” on october 11th which google also does not recognize. federal german-american day is october 6th. but going by holidays people actually celebrate it seems preferable to leave mr pulaski in march and double thanksgiving. every day can be a holiday if you try hard and believe in yourself. this is my goal

There was a children’s magazine I was once subscribed to for a while as a kid (something run by Disney, I think) where each issue came with a calendar, and every day on that calendar was marked with one or another National Insert-Thing-Here Day or World Something Day (often two or three of them).

Sure, many of them are arbitrary marketing efforts, but hey, if you think something’s neat, why *not* observe–*throws dart*–Butterfly Day on–*googles*–okay apparently there are several Butterfly Days, one of which overlaps with Pi Day. BRB, making a pie crust with butterfly shapes on it.


#time #reply via reblog #fun with loopholes #discourse cw? #food #Pi Day

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