Remember, if it’s been at least 2 months since your last covid vaccine (whatever it was), and you are over 18, you qualify for the new covid bivalent booster. This booster specifically targets Omicron B.A.4 and B.A.5., which are the dominant strains in the US, and account for over 98% of new covid infections.

As of a couple days ago, this was authorized for emergency use in the US. Your local vaccination place should be getting these in stock within a week or two.

Covid is still a threat. Get vaccinated if you can.

Excellent info!

Here is an article in case people want to read more about that sort of thing.

Get your booster!

This post last night reminded me to get boosted, I hope you all do as well.

For the Ontarians in the audience, hot off the presses:


#I got a fourth dose of univalent in July so I’m not eligible until January #I stand by my decision: *I* have a respirator‚ but I get a lot of indirect exposure through my family members and #frankly it’s a miracle Brother hasn’t *already* brought one Omicron or another home from work #in order to worry about the long term you have to make it through the short term first #I’ve made notes on the family calendar for the 5th-dose eligibility dates of me‚ Dad‚ and Mom #and I’ll be keeping an eye out for changes in that date: #Ontario often starts with a long dose interval but then shortens it later as supplies catch up #(Brother hasn’t even had a *third* dose‚ let alone a fourth‚ and could go for the bivalent as soon as they’re rolled out) #(but I don’t know that there’s anything I could say that would make him *more* likely to do it rather than less) #(my best bet might be to stay silent and hope he comes to the conclusion on his own) #PSA #covid19 #vaccines #illness tw #home of the brave #our home and cherished land #reply via reblog

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