[OPENS FRIDGE, REMOVES TUPPERWARE CONTAINER LABELLED “Pomegranates from land of dead do not eat”]

[I REMOVE A SECOND CONTAINER LABELLED “Fairy apples do not eat (Autumn Court)]


Hi there, and welcome to my channel!

Today we’re going to be playing with Fae loopholes: see, the rule is, for each “seed” you eat, you’re stuck in the underworld for a month… and for each “bite” you take of these fairy apples, you’re bound to the Autumn Court for a month…

My plan? Well, if I turn it in to a smoothie, you definitely can’t measure it in “bites”, right? We’ll also be finding out whether the underworld defines a seed as a whole object, or if it’s still a seed once you blend–

Ugh, BRB, angels are trying to thwart me again. This keeps happening!


#fae #food #mythology #fun with loopholes #storytime #poison cw?

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