PSA: Many stores have a wide range of frozen vegetables, often sold pre-cut. The greens are more compact than their refrigerated counterparts. Produce frozen right after harvest can taste fresher than produce picked before full ripeness and shipped unfrozen. In cooked applications, frozen vegetables are often hard to distinguish from unfrozen. And they don’t go bad quickly.


(We’ve been using peas, corn, and green beans for ages, and we recently discovered frozen broccoli. Frozen bell pepper slices–another recent one, though I think they only just started making them recently–seem to be a bit wetter than ideal, but close enough to be worth the shelf-life and convenience benefits.)

I was thinking of making a post about the following, but it seems closely related enough that I’ll add it to this comment instead:

I just tried canned sardine fillets and they’re amazing. They taste almost exactly like (slightly overcooked) Atlantic salmon, while being somewhat cheaper, requiring no preparation, and keeping safe stored at room temperature for approximately one eternity [link]. Highly recommended.

(Note that canned salmon itself, not being Atlantic, is IMO much less tasty.)


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