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Video description and transcription:

Tiktok by Tyler from Fig (tylerandhistummy)

[Tyler faces the camera and speaks to it.]

If this video helps even one person, it was worth it.

So, I’ve got a ton of ingredients that my body reacts to: corn, citric acid, gluten, chocolate, bananas, peanut oil–I’m all over the place.

It was so hard to read ingredient labels and just find food that I could eat. Grocery trips were unbearable, they took like two or three hours usually.

But I always had this idea on how to make it easier. So I quit my job and helped build an app over the past few years. And that app’s called Fig.

[A phone screen showing the app interface, which Tyler scrolls through.
Top text reads: “First up: Do you follow any of these diets? Dietary restrictions are complex – it’s ok to select more than one!”
Underneath is a checklist of ingredients and dietary restriction, including categories with suboptions.]

What makes fig unique is we’re trying to help pretty much everybody that has to avoid certain ingredients.

That means we’ve got a ton of things that you can select from–even really specific ingredients.

[Camera briefly returns to Tyler’s face again.]

And like I had dreamed of for so many years, checking ingredients is as quick as this.

[A phone camera scans the barcode on a bottle of spices. Details about the product appear, including an ingredients list and allergen statement. The ingredient “citric acid” appears in red all-caps. There is also an accompanying message that says “This product does not match your Fig.”]

And finding food you can eat is as simple as this.

[The app displays a scrollable list of food items, similar to a storefront. Each item has a save toggle and is accompanied by a photo, the product brand/name, and its size.
There is a search bar labeled “search for a product.”
There are also menus for narrowing the search; one is set to “allowed,” one is set to “Whole Foods,” and another unaltered menu is titled “Category.”]

[The camera returns to Tyler.]

So if you know anybody with food allergies, stomach issues, other dietary restrictions, I’d really appreciate it if you shared it with them.

[The appstore listing for Fig: Food Scanner & Discovery.]

It’s called Fig, it’s completely free, and you can get it on iOS and Android in the US.

[Tyler smiles at the camera.]

Thanks for helping out.

Currently only available in the US, but their website says they’re “excited to expand to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom soon”.


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Anti-Monarchist is the Good King in Discworld


You once said that Carrot Ironfoundersson as an anti-monarchist royal is the true essence of the Good King. Could you care to elaborate?

Well, I first elaborated on it here way back when I was a youngun, but I can do a short version here:

Carrot is, at a direct metaphysical level, the True King of Ankh-Morpork. He’s got the Magic Sword, he’s got the Prophecy, he’s got a Destiny that can literally bend reality around it.

And yet, he chooses not to become king, to permanently stop anyone who tries to make him (or anyone else) king, to literally bury the evidence of his birthright. Because “Mister Vimes wouldn’t like it,” and Carrot Ironfoundersson has imprinted on Sam Vimes as the Avatar of Justice (not law – he’s got the book for those – but justice) like a baby duck. 

And what does Sam Vimes tell him about monarchy?

“But that’s not right, see? One man with the power of life and death.”

“But if he’s a good man—” Carrot began.

“What? What? OK. OK. Let’s believe he’s a good man. But his second-in-command—is he a good man too? You’d better hope so. Because he’s the supreme ruler, too, in the name of the king. And the rest of the court…they’ve got to be good men. Because if just one of them’s a bad man the result is bribery and patronage.”

This only becomes clear when you extrapolate beyond Guards, Guards to Men At Arms, where it becomes clear that Carrot knows, that he’s willing to make use of it for the best interests of the city, but that he’s decided that Vetinari as Renaissance overlord is in the best interests of the city so long as Vetinari is occasionally willing to have polite chats over tea about Watch staffing issues. 

Hence, anti-monarchism as the true essence of the Good King. 



In my humble opinion, Discworld’s anti-monarchism is SEVERELY undercut by the development of Vetinari from “comically authoritarian dictator autocrat OKAY FINE let’s call him Renaissance overlord” to “comically authoritarian autocrat who is somehow the best option, I mean he’s not a good man but he does have the best intentions for Ankh-Morpork, and besides he gets shit done, right? right?

However, the above opinion is NOT informed by the sum total of Discworld books (I still haven’t read a bunch of them), so it’s entirely possible I’m off here. Honestly, I’d love to be proven wrong. And I don’t care about spoilers, so if anyone wants to argue, please go ahead and enlighten me.



Oh, I have so many thoughts on Vetinari (I wrote fanfic about them), so I hope I’m semi-coherent this early in the morning (it’s not early in the morning, it’s 3:30pm, but it’s the holidays).

The thing with Vetinari is that he is, in fact, a tyrant. An explicit one, who outright says so. And that is because Vetinari has a thesis and a project on governance. If a system has been autocratic for centuries, and the people under it believe in autocratic power, then to change that you do in fact need at least one last autocrat. Because he can change things, and no one can stop him, because he’s a tyrant and that’s pretty much the definition.

This shows up best in Night Watch, and Jingo, and a bit in the Moist Lipwig books. But if you take the Ankh Morpork books as a whole and watch what he does throughout the whole decades-long arc, you get a picture of his plan for the city.

Night Watch is particularly good because you get to see, through the marvels of time travel, what started him. The system he was coming from. The old Patricians and what they were like, and the endless cycle of revolution that just put new ones on the throne. The King Patrician is dead, long live the King Patrician. None of the engines of power around them were changed, so the Patrician himself could be good or bad or dire and all it would do is change the number who directly died of them, and not much else.

Then we get Vetinari. And we get to see what he does.

(Keep Reading because this got so long on me, I have Thoughts TM):

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When will creators of famous and beloved franchises realise that no fan in the history of fandoms has wanted the sequel with the new generation to have higher stakes and more angsty drama than the original.

A Fan: Wow, can’t wait to see the heroes’ children living in a world that has been made better by the original heroes, having a loving and respectful relationship with the hero I loved and respected as a child, and dealing with their own adventure that might not be as high stake as saving the world, but is important for their own personal journey. 

A creator: How about the world is ending again, the new generation hates the heroes, who have become major assholes for no reason, and everything is bigger and goes more boom.  

Hobbit/Lord of the Rings is the SINGLE exception to higher stakes sequel

and you know why? it’s bc nothing in lotr undid what happened in the hobbit

the hobbit was a lower-stakes story about bilbo helping some dwarves reclaim their ancestral home, and in lotr (the book at least) tolkien goes out of his way to talk about how bilbo lived for a long time rich and famous and happy, and that erebor and dale are prosperous and successful. the threat is something that bilbo brought home with him, but if bilbo hadn’t found it, it would have fallen into worse hands. 

the reason why higher-stakes sequels are so often disappointing is bc it’s a betrayal of the original work, and undoes its premise and its victory. in the hobbit, they were never setting out to save the whole of middle earth, so the fact that the whole of middle earth ends up in peril during lotr doesn’t feel like a betrayal. terrible things happen in lotr, but they are better than they would have been in the hobbit hadn’t happened, and that’s why it works


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Big News!


New year, new website!

Hey everyone! Read Only Mind (ROM) is an inclusive archive for mind control and hypnosis erotica made by a small team that wanted to add features for writers and readers alike, and to help foster a community of content creators. You can find us at our website here!


I am super excited to share this with y’all as we’ve been working on it for a while. Examples of our features include account creation to post and upload your stories at any time, a tagging system (!!), comments, following stories for that anticipated next chapter, statistics for authors to see how readers engage with their content, an advanced search bar, and more.

This is a resource made by and for community, and we hope to grow with everyone’s help and support. Go ahead and check our About section for Rules and our FAQ, and please check it out and discover the stories and features, bookmark it for future content, and write your own stories if you’d like!

Since this is Tumblr and I don’t have CHARACTER limits, I can talk about how I’m excited for this! The other admin and I wanted a website that could offer more than what we were used to, while not having to see racist stories scroll by. This website is the result of that! We have story likes (called ‘snaps’), comments and suggestions (that you have the option to turn off as the author!), you’ll get to see how many people view your story and the number of snaps you’ve received, and a bunch of other stuff! You’re free to post onto ROM and other places at the same time since exclusivity isn’t a requirement, but we have a few authors who’ve already uploaded stories and are making the move over.

Spread the word for this if you can! You can find our official Twitter account here where we’ll post updates, and our current discord link is HERE where you can join us and talk with some other content creators! It’s a first public push and we’re still taking bug reports should we run into any issues.

Thanks so much for reading!


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A man has built Ogo, a hands-free wheelchair for his paraplegic friend (video)

Holy shit this is awesome.

For any wheelchair users following me! 

-FemaleWarrior, She/They 

every few months I forget about this and then see it again and it is always one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

So this time I looked it up, I wondered how to get one and how much it cost. Turns out  it was a bit hard to find, actually, and that’s because it’s no longer called the Ogo, it’s called the Omeo.

They are pretty advanced as a product now, in terms of accessories, color options, etc (they have an off road conversion kit and stuff!). They are kind of expensive, tho not necessarily when compared to other wheel chairs, which cost anywhere from a couple hundred bucks for a shitty one, to like 4k for a high end electric one. An Omeo will cost you just under 2k.

Here is their website, if you want to learn more:

(I think weasowl overlooked a 0: it’s more like 20k. indicates that you can sometimes get healthcare coverage for it, though, particularly in Australia.)


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Do you ever know you should go to sleep, but you can’t, because you can’t stop thinking of 1982’s bizarre Steve Gutenberg vehicle, No Soap, Radio?

Oh, okay, I’m sorry, it’s just me? I’m the only one here up at night thinking about No Soap, Radio? Y’all are going to pretend you don’t find it completely mystifying?

I’m not even kidding, I spent like an hour thinking about it last night before I could fall asleep.

Okay, see, in 1982, not long after the runaway success of their movie Airplane! the comedy writing trio of David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and Jerry Zucker brought their signature brand of sight gags and slapstick humor to Television.

Their show Police Squad brought back Airplane! co-star Leslie Nielsen as Lt. Frank Drebbin, in a series that parodied the police procedurals of the 70s. Later on the show would be the inspiration for the successful Naked Gun series of films in which Nielsen played the same character he did in Police Squad!

Bet some of you never knew The Naked Gun was based on a TV show, huh? I certainly didn’t when I was a kid.

That’s because Police Squad! bombed and bombed hard. ABC cancelled it after four episodes, and only six episodes were ever produced. One of the creators, I forget which, said that the network’s reasoning was that you had to watch it to get it, meaning that since much of the humor was sight gags contrasting with the deadpan delivery of cop drama cliches. If you just listen to it while you do the dishes or fold your laundry, you miss a lot of the humor.

Anyway, with Police Squad out, the network needed a mid-season replacement. Thus, No Soap, Radio.

No Soap, Radio is a bizarre attempt to take Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Fawlty Towers and sort of squish them together into one American show starring Steve Gutenberg.

Really, the Fawlty Towers comparison is mostly because the show takes place in a run-down hotel run by a hapless guy who has to deal with all sorts of weird guests and eccentric employees. Gutenberg plays the owner of the hotel, and they don’t really try to make him much like Basil Fawlty, since he’s not John Cleese, he’s Steve Gutenberg, so the character is more of a put upon but genial everyman than the kind of dickish Basil Fawlty.

But my gosh does No Soap, Radio want to be Monty Python with every fiber of its being.

Actually that’s one kind of interesting thing about No Soap, Radio, it belongs to a sparsely populated offshoot of the sketch comedy evolutionary tree, it’s one of those shows where it’s definitely a sketch comedy show, but there’s also a group of main characters and ongoing plots. The premise isn’t so much a framing story as it is that, for a while the camera will follow the story of Steve Gutenberg’s hotel for a while, but then the camera will slowly lose track of them, deciding instead to focus on, say, a TV show in the background or something happening in a hotel room. The only other show I can think of off the top of my head that is structured like that is Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher’s show Snuff Box.

Anyway, as for the Monty Python connection, No Soap, Radio desperately wants to be Monty Python. The most obvious similarity is the transitions between sketches, where the end of one sketch will turn out to be a television advertisement that the characters in the next sketch are watching, but there’s also a more indefinable vibe. For example,

I really like the premise of that couple of sketches, but also, there’s something about the way the doctor delivers his speech before jumping out the window that just seems like the kind of gag that the Pythons would have done, and staged, shot and delivered pretty similarly to how they would have approached it. I don’t know it’s hard to put it into words.

It kind of reminds me of The Orville, in that it’s a show that really really wants to be a different show, but not in a cynical rip-off way, more in a “The creators love that other show a whole lot and since they weren’t able to work on it they did the next best thing.”

Anyway, if Police Squad is a cult classic, No Soap, Radio is whatever the step beneath a cult classic is. The people who remember it remember it fondly, but boy there aren’t many people who remember it.

It’s kind of understandable, from what I’ve watched I’d call it an okay show, but it’s let down a little bit by the delivery. A lot of the comedy is delivered in a kind of broad, cheesey, over the top 70s style that hasn’t aged as well as the performances of the Pythons, and I think most of the premises are good, but sometimes it feels like they don’t build up that much, but instead kind of peter out, like this sketch about a job applicant trying to dance around the fact that the guy interviewing him is just a disembodied head:

It’s a good premise, but it feels like there should be more laugh lines, or that it should build to some kind of big twist, but it never quite gets there.

So, the big question for me is:

How in God’s name did this happen?

Going into the IMDb rabbit hole, I was expecting to find people who eventually went on to create some better known cult classic. There has to have been an auteur or a group of people with a vision behind this, no American television executive in 1982 was going, “You know what’s popular with the kids today? Monty Python! I want a Monty Python for my network!” They can’t possibly have been saying that, can they?

So someone or a few someones on staff just had to be huge fucking dorks who just really, really loved Monty Python and somehow convinced some exec to greenlight their baby, but I’m really not sure who. The crew seems to have been composed mostly of TV journeymen, people who toiled in the mines writing for late night talk shows, producing Bob Hope specials and directing made for tv movies you’ve never heard of.

The credits don’t really have a “created by” section, there’s just the writers, directors and producers.

The second question is, how on earth did this get chosen as the mid-season replacement for Police Squad! after they cancelled it for not being accessible enough to the average viewer?

That’s like saying, “Hmm, I’ve been booking Frank Zappa every night in my club, but the customers say he’s too weird, I better replace him with someone more accessible, like Captain Beefheart.”

How did this end up replacing Police Squad! when it’s probably the only network show in 1982 that was less accessable to the average viewer? It’s literally named after the punchline to a deliberately obtuse joke designed to confuse people and make them uncomfortable! And how did it replace Police Squad! when the audience overlap was 100%? Every single person who would like No Soap, Radio would also love Police Squad!

What was happening?

Anyway, that’s what I was thinking about last night.


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Geothermal energy is poised for a big breakout

{{Title link: }}



This article taught me things I didn’t know, though who knows if the optimism will pan out

You know, when people say “geothermal energy is poised for a big breakout”, I expect more volcanic eruptions.


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open a new window somewhere in the world. 

i love this because it’s such a simple concept but it answers things i didn’t even know how to ask

Looking out of people’s windows is such a peaceful way of travelling… I got a snowfall in Argentina, a nice sea view in Ukraine, a clothes line in the fog in Bangalore. Antonella from Tavernaro, I like your wooden bird.


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I googled “how to become a fossil” because I’ve been reading about what archaeology and genetic analysis tells us about ancient humans from their remains, and I feel left out. I, too, wish to be dug up, admired, and analyzed by people unimaginably different from me.  While looking into this I hit the motherlode of good science articles re: informativeness and tone on this topic.

However, if you want your remains to become a fossil that lasts for millions of years, then you really want minerals to seep through your bones and replace them with harder substances. This process, known as ‘permineralisation’, is what typically creates a fully-fledged fossil. It can take millions of years.

As a result, you might skip the coffin. Bones permineralise most rapidly when mineral-rich water can flow through them, imbuing them with things like iron and calcium. A coffin might keep the skeleton nicely together, but it would interfere with this process.

There is a way a coffin might work, though. Mike Archer, a palaeontologist at the University of New South Wales, suggests burial in a concrete coffin filled with sand and with hundreds of 5mm holes drilled into the sides. This then needs to be buried deep enough that groundwater can pass through.

Archer even suggests getting buried with copper strips and nickel pellets if you fancy fossilised bones and teeth with a nice blue-green colour to them.

I love all the scientists interviewed for this piece.

5. Get discovered

Now you need to think about the potential for rediscovery.

If you want somebody to chance upon your carefully preserved fossil one day, you need to plan for burial in a spot that currently is low enough to accumulate the necessary sediments for deep burial – but that will eventually be pushed up again. In other words, you need a place with uplift where weathering and erosion will eventually scour off the surface layers, exposing you.

One good spot might be the Mediterranean Sea, Syme says; it’s getting shallower as Africa is pushed towards Europe. Other small, inland seas that will fill with sediment are good bets, too.

“Perhaps the Dead Sea,” she says. “The high salt would preserve and pickle you.”


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