I just realised that I’ve suffered every D&D damage type except force and thunder at least once in my life.



radiant?? so you’ve been burnt by a god?



Radiant isn’t specifically a “holy” damage type in D&D; holy magic often inflicts radiant damage, but there’s holy magic with non-radiant damage types (typically fire), and non-holy sources that inflict radiant damage – most relevantly, lasers!



please explain how you’ve taken necrotic damage



D&D classifies radiation burns as necrotic damage.



now you’ve piqued my interest. how tf did you get radiation burns?



Really bad sunburn.



It feels… wrong that the sun inflicts necrotic damage. Like Pelor’s life is a lie.

Did you take any concussive injuries like a sound blast? That’d probably qualify for force or thunder.



Maybe Pelor should stop making people’s skin peel off, then. =P

As for the latter, nah, force is D&D‘s “pure magic” damage type, and has the specific attribute of being able to strike intangible or ethereal targets. I don’t know what real phenomenon would be analogous to that, but whatever it is, I’m reasonably certain I’ve never been injured by it!



Wait, how do you take IRL psychic damage?



Posting on Tumblr.


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