lupin the third

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On a related note: is it just me, or were you reblogging a lot of artwork of people falling asleep in each other’s arms during the weekend where you were extremely sleep-deprived?

I noticed this at the time, and my top two hypotheses were “it’s just me” and “this fandom has a lot of sleepy cuddling fanart for some reason”. But you’ve been reblogging a lot less of it the last couple of days (and have also been complaining of sleep deprivation a lot less), which makes me wonder if it’s you.


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#idk what this means or if i do this but ig i’ll just hold my phone with my pinky stuck out from now on?? 

Good question, also no that won’t help.


shitty MS Paint 3 minutes doodle, nto entirely accurate: When you have your pinky hooked on the “bottom” edge of the phone for the extra security so it doesn’t slide out of your hand that easily, you’re wreaking damage on your hand, since the pinky is extremely askew from it’s resting position. You might have noticed that when you hold your phone like that for long time it begins to hurt, like when you are gripping a pen too tightly for example.

Green lines – the fingers are going their natural way. Red line – the pinky is way off, that’s bad.



Me: Oh, good thing I never-

Me, looking down at hand: By talos this can’t be happening



There’s a very simple out-patient surgery that gives you most of the feeling back in most of your hand most of the time.


Chicks dig scars right?



I got one of the ring things that folds out and I find it quite nice (altho I placed it a little high on phone, I ought to move it down)

also I put on a bunch of grippy stickers. really improves the experience imo


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Solder Time

@kelp-of-discontent said:

Usual recommendation for leaded solder is well-ventilated work area, eye protection and gloves, an extraction system is a nice to have, but my bedroom’s ventilation is somewhat lacking so a filtered facemask is an alternative solution. This has P100 cartridges which are pretty common for soldering/welding applications.

Eye protection for soldering is the kind of thing that is not so much about protecting you from chronic issues in the long run, but rather defending you from the 1 in 1000 chance that the flux core of your solder bubbles over and splats you in the eye with a drop of molten lead and flux, so it’s really the highest priority PPE you should get if you only do soldering infrequently.

Rosin inhalation probably won’t fuck you up that bad three or four times a year, but there’s not much to do about an acute case of eyelead.


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You probably know someone who has checked out of the urban rat-race and gone to live on a farm. I mean, in the non-euphemism way. Your childhood dog’s not coming back, sorry. A lot of folks that I’ve worked with in the past have held various fantasies about just giving up on the entire “career” thing and living a more simple, disconnected life, ideally away from as many people as they can afford. They’re wrong. The real reason to live on a farm is that you get to buy more cool gear.

Sure, inside a city, you can get a little tiny lawn tractor, but it feels bourgeois and unnecessary. Who do you think you are that you can’t get by with a simple push mower instead? It gets you out of the house, doing a calming physical activity.

When you have half an acre, well, you gotta mow it somehow and you don’t have all day, so you can justify getting a full-on Lawnfucker 5000. The same goes for having a barn to work on shit in, a couple old pickup trucks dotting the yard. Maybe a ramshackle shed near the property line that mostly collapsed in 1975 but serves to keep the neighbours from taking a single step too far in your direction. And then there’s the tools. Chainsaws, bandsaws, tree saws… you need to cut a lot of stuff when you’re 30 minutes outside of the nearest city.

Not everyone can afford to quit their office job and move out to the boonies, however. This fantasy remains unattainable for far too many of my fellow citizens. That’s why I’ve bought a bunch of foreclosed rural property and turned it into Farmer-For-A-Day theme parks. Drive out with your family, and come try out the cool gear. Do you think your son is old enough to drive a grain thresher? Then he fucking is. There’s no cops around here, but you will have to sign this thorough series of insurance waivers first.


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I just realised that I’ve suffered every D&D damage type except force and thunder at least once in my life.



radiant?? so you’ve been burnt by a god?



Radiant isn’t specifically a “holy” damage type in D&D; holy magic often inflicts radiant damage, but there’s holy magic with non-radiant damage types (typically fire), and non-holy sources that inflict radiant damage – most relevantly, lasers!



please explain how you’ve taken necrotic damage



D&D classifies radiation burns as necrotic damage.



now you’ve piqued my interest. how tf did you get radiation burns?



Really bad sunburn.



It feels… wrong that the sun inflicts necrotic damage. Like Pelor’s life is a lie.

Did you take any concussive injuries like a sound blast? That’d probably qualify for force or thunder.



Maybe Pelor should stop making people’s skin peel off, then. =P

As for the latter, nah, force is D&D‘s “pure magic” damage type, and has the specific attribute of being able to strike intangible or ethereal targets. I don’t know what real phenomenon would be analogous to that, but whatever it is, I’m reasonably certain I’ve never been injured by it!



Wait, how do you take IRL psychic damage?



Posting on Tumblr.


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okay I keep wondering: when you take OTC pain meds like acetaminophen or ibuprofen for ordinary aches and pains – a headache, joint pain, whatever – do you actually notice a difference? Can you consciously tell that your pain is lower after you’ve taken them? Because I never have, even taking acetaminophen plus whatever NSAID at inadvisably high doses. It’s conceivable that I could find an effect if I kept a spreadsheet logging my pain levels before and after dosing – do they really have a stronger effect than that for most people? I’ve been on some prescription NSAIDs before and had about the same experience.

my options for noticeably-helpful pain management basically start with heat/ice and then jump right up to weed or opioids, which kind of sucks. temperature-based solutions are not terribly portable (icy-hot et. al. is far more unpleasant to me than any pain it might help with), and weed/opioids might make me feel better but don’t, generally, leave me any more functional. Voltaren gel works, kinda, in the area where it’s applied, for a couple minutes? and anyway, you can’t get it OTC in the States.

How likely is it that I have some sort of fucked-up drug metabolism thing?

They work for me

I usually stop noticing as much discomfort when I take OTC meds for headaches or w/e, but then it usually takes some effort to start noticing those pains in the first place, so while I think they help I’m not super confident

Ibuprofen does approximately nothing for me, but a couple years ago my doctor prescribed me extra-strength naproxen for late-onset dysmenorrhea and it turns out naproxen *does* work. (And it makes periods lighter, too!)

In fact, just two days ago I had this thought process:

Me: “Huh, the pain in my heel is almost completely gone today. I wonder if that splinter I couldn’t reach worked its way out.”

Also me: ‘…or it could be that pre-menstrual naproxen you started on last night.

Me: “…or that.”


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unpopular opinion: Vimes is kind of drama queen



Sam “held a burning hot coal until it nearly took the skin off his hand while maintaining perfect calm and eye contact with the asshole in need of intimidation Just Because” Vimes? Sam “sitting on the stoop with a mug of cocoa and a cigar, cautiously aware of every inch of the scene he’s building” Vimes? Sam “could just tear his sleeve to show the mark of the Summoning Dark but instead tears off his whole goddamn shirt” Vimes? A drama queen? Reaching a bit don’t you think



Yep, certainly doesn’t seem to describe Sam “pretends to eat poison as a power move” Vimes. Not Sam “buries an axe in the table in the Rats Chamber” Vimes.



I mean are we really talking about Sam “yes a whole room full of candles with wicks dipped in holy water is the best way to beat this vampire” Vimes, here? Sam “has fought bad guys on top of a speeding train AND a riverboat during a flood” Vimes, really? Definitely Sam “nearly gets shot in the head by a crossbow bolt that shatters his shaving mirror and then uses the bolt to prop up a shard of said mirror to finish shaving” Vimes we’re discussing here?



excuse me?????

vimes did not resign from his post in protest, observe the rest of the watch resign from their posts in protest, recruit them into a militia, sail to the country they were at war with, and attempt to arrest two different armies for disturbing the peace so you could sit here and call him a drama queen, as though drama was some myffic quality bestowed by an accident of birth and not the inherent right of every creatively petty and histrionic citizen of ankh-morpork 

vimes is a drama public employee


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Friends, a poll: have you ever set yourself on fire, set one of your friends on fire, or been around while people were catching on fire as a side effect of avoiding boredom as a teenager?

No, except maybe for very broad definitions.

I did accidentally drip hot wax on myself (ow) while using a candle to light another candle as a pre-teen, and I did semi-accidentally burn my thumb on a cigarette lighter while trying to use it to light a campfire at age 13 (I didn’t *intend* the burn, but when I saw it was happening I didn’t try to stop it, because I was on my zillionth attempt to light this campfire and I decided that at this point not getting burned wasn’t worth having to start over again). However, I don’t think my body was ever itself actually on fire, and the burns were definitely not for purposes of avoiding boredom.


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Anonymous asked: Reasons to live: consider! Medical science has advanced far enough to !clean reds!!! if we can do that, then maybe one day soon, medical science will advance to the point where you can do that intercourse with stab wound thing, without it resulting in your death or permanent maiming! A thing to look forward to! :D


this is cute as fuck


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