Accounting majors who hurt you

i read this as the beginning of a list, not as a question


#first thought: ”I mean I *do* have a bit of a sadistic streak” #second thought: ”wait this was a *question*? I thought it was a concept” #third thought: ”how dare you assume it must be a reaction to something traumatic” #fourth thought: ”…the people who laid off my dad in 2006” #fifth thought: ”……the people who forced my dad’s *ancestors* to become a mercantile caste #thereby accidentally creating what was effectively a breeding program selecting for accounting talent” #(if the way to obtain enough resources to feed/house/etc lots of kids is to be good at your job) #(and all the jobs available to you are in finance) #(and this keeps on being true for many generations…) #tag rambles #adventures in University Land #evolution #Judaism #adventures in human capitalism #anger management

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