I found a really really great sexuality test. Post your results. For shits and giggles.


:(((( I reached the question where you had to choose between relationships that are “Intellectual. I’m much more interested in the mind.” or “Affectionate. I’m SUCH a cuddleslut!” and then I just stared blankly at the screen for a couple of minutes, BECAUSE I JUST WANT TO HAVE ABSTRACT DEBATES WHILE SNUGGLING. I like sex, but I would gladly give it up forever if I could have all of the intellectual discussion and cuddles.

(Results, for the record: You scored 76 Heterosexuality, 36 Homosexuality, and 29 Asexuality!)


You scored 51 Heterosexuality, 28 Homosexuality, and 75 Asexuality!



You scored 22 Heterosexuality, 83 Homosexuality, and 27 Asexuality!



You scored 80 Heterosexuality, 23 Homosexuality, and 0 Asexuality!

lol oop


You scored 69 Heterosexuality, 13 Homosexuality, and 61 Asexuality!

rofllll i blame it on the disgust that i had at the questions about cuddling

time to become an insufferable tumbly ace


I know, the words ‘cuddle’ and ‘snuggle’ just gross me out. Even if I do actually want to, like, lie around with arms round each other all cosy and quiet and affectionate, I’m not fucking calling that ‘cuddling’ or ‘snuggling.’

Edited to add my result:

You scored 76 Heterosexuality, 36 Homosexuality, and 35 Asexuality!

You are either straight or bisexual (with an interest in the opposite gender) with a moderate to high sex drive.The higher your score in heterosexuality, the more you are attracted to the opposite gender.

A higher asexuality score means that you place a bigger emphasis on the emotional aspects of a relationship and less on the physical.


13 Heterosexuality, 60 Homosexuality, and 71 Asexuality.

A bit skewed by various factors, I think, but better than a lot of online sexuality quizzes…

18 Heterosexuality, 21 Homosexuality, and 73 Asexuality.

Two problems come to mind:

1: What do “sexual fantasy” and “sexual activity” mean? Things that personally give me warm fuzzy feelings twinges of pain that I think were meant to be warm fuzzy feelings but the wires got crossed, or things that would normally be called sexual? Because there’s no overlap between those two categories at all.

2: Answering “No” to the question of “Would you ever willingly have sex with someone of the opposite gender?” requires you to claim you’re either gay or straight. There’s no plain “No”. It didn’t actually object when I skipped that question, though, despite not explicitly saying it wouldn’t (unlike the ideal relationship questions).


#sexuality and lack thereof

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