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@itsbenedict​ replied: this is a phenomenon that drives me to bestial, murderous rage

When I went in for lunch shift the next morning, the fly had evolved overnight into a wasp. Fortunately, I only ever saw it once, out by the soda machine.

Six days later, I found a very dead wasp curled up next to a heating element. Until next time, then.


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Okay but


Most effective pesticide: Philadelphians


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things got a little heated in the gc today

I really do love when people say that a particular food, or food combination, or style of eating/serving food, is a CRIME, when what they mean is that it strikes them personally as weird or unthinkable.

As long as they say it humorously, of course. I just really get a kick out of imagining someone being ridiculously “sentenced to death” for putting carrots on their sandwich. 😅


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one of the top 5 things I wish average people had a better grasp of is that the size of a number is contextual. a number’s bigness or smallness is not a fixed property of the number itself, it depends on what that number represents.

when you were a kid, a thousand seemed like a very big number. did you ever count that high? pretty tedious, isn’t it? it’s a massive number of toys to own, or dishes to wash, or people to meet. for most of the countable things you interact with in a normal day, a thousand is a big number. but in other contexts, a thousand can be a small number. It’s a tiny number for the population of a town. it’s a smallish number of dollars – if you only make a thousand dollars a month (in a wealthy country), you’re poor. it’s an utterly minuscule number of bacteria in your body, or dollars in a government budget, or grains of sand on a beach. a thousand of something might be a lot, or might be a little – it depends on what you’re counting, in what context.

most of the time, 0.1% is a pretty small number. if 1 in 1000 eggs has a double yolk, you probably won’t eat very many double-yolk eggs in your lifetime, unless you seek them out deliberately or eat vastly more eggs than the average person. if 1 in 1000 homes in your town have garbage disposals, garbage disposals are very rare where you live. but if a cosmetic surgery had a 0.1% risk of lethal complications, most people would see that surgery as unacceptably dangerous – 0.1% risk of death is a big number.

we’re not very good at thinking at scale. we’re especially bad at thinking about our fellow humans at scale. suppose that 0.1% of the population has some trait X. if you assume that none of the people you meet have trait X, you’ll be right 99.9% of the time. when you crack a joke about trait X at a party, there probably won’t be any X-people around to be offended by it. but 0.1% is 1 in 1000 – how big is that number, really?

it’s about 335,000 people in the US, for starters – the population of a small city. throughout your education, you probably had multiple classmates with trait X. there’s a handful of them at any large school. a medium-sized company will probably have several trait X employees. you might not know someone with trait X personally, but it’s a virtual certainty that someone else you know does. if you have a modest online following, several of your fans have trait X. if trait X were a disease, it would be too common to count as “rare”.

the next time you see a number you think of as “big”, like a million, I want you to stop and consider what’s being counted: does this number represent a large quantity here? compared to what? when you encounter a small proportion, think: how frequent is that, really? what’s the denominator (0.1% of what)? can you think of something comparable that happens about as often? is this number surprising?


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see we need to get back to our roots of shooting something so hard you change its genetics

We literally just learned this in my class about phytoremediation yesterday and it made me laugh so hard because the professor was like “downfalls include tissue damage and sometimes killing the organism”


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I started reading Carolyn Elliott’s Existential Kink because of this blog post, am 1/3 through, and cannot imagine a book that could more appeal to me while also belonging to a genre that will say, “What [this book] is presenting to you here is … a witchy, tricksy, feminine path to enlightenment that’s quite a bit different than the more publicly vaunted, masculine routes of asceticism, contemplation, and yogic saintliness.”

The ultimate operation the book is trying to perform on the reader, assuming the reader has preexisting masochistic tendencies they can amplify, is to get them to notice the pleasure they can potentially take in the most uncomfortable moments of their lives and reframe it as pleasure. 

The worldview/aesthetic the book tries to impart:

[I thought,] “God is one kinky-ass motherfucker. God—the divine—whatever He/She/IT is—creates this world, and this world is a gonzo horror show of war and rape and abuse and addiction and disaster. If God is running the show, God must like it this way!” Now, you might guess that a thought like that would lead to some kind of terrible nihilistic breakdown. But for me… actually, it didn’t. Instead, it made me smile—perversely—and gave me a feeling of lightness, play, and possibility. …
Well if God is a kinky freak and I’m a part of God like all these “spiritual” people say, maybe deep down I’m a kinky freak too. And maybe I can get more in touch with my divine nature by giving myself permission to like all the scary stuff in life, instead of just resenting it. …
I propose that all our suffering and stuckness in life comes from forgetting that we’re divine sparks playing a wild kinky game and that great miracles can come forth in our lives when we reverse the process of forgetting by deliberately reclaiming the pleasure of the game.

The title is well chosen! The book is trying to get the reader to treat life itself as one big BDSM scene that they can lean into if they want.

Which, this is a weird sell, but it happens that I’m totally into this and have been doing it on my own*, so having someone dump a whole framework of doing life that extends this is delightful and intellectually stimulating!

* I used to be normally socially anxious where I just felt awful, but these days when I’m uncomfortable because I said something stupid or cruel, or someone’s pushing my boundaries, 50% of the time I notice and go, “whoa, I’m uncomfortable, that’s interesting and nice in a way”. I do this simply because it’s better to feel nice and interested than awful. Raw misery is hard to spin this way, but anything complicated where there’s some human nuance in it provides a launchpad for this transition.

The author describes “orgasmic meditation” where she lies down for a time-limited period, focuses on the sensation as someone rubs her clit, and does not attempt to change the kind of stimuli she is receiving. There are obviously strokes she likes and strokes she is less into, and part of the point is to expand the range of things she can enjoy – going from “oh, not this one” to “yes, even this one”. And you can apply this same process to, well, life:

This practice of “getting off on every stroke” can, by analogy, be extended beyond the context of Orgasmic Meditation (or sex) and be applied to life, wherein one considers everything that happens as a “stroke.” As in, comments that other people make to you—those are strokes. Surprising situations that arise—those are strokes. A critical monologue from some inner voice—those are strokes.

Also very congruent with how I (would like to) think of life.

I would never recommend this book broadly. Either you’re open to being expansively masochistic like this appealing or you aren’t. But man is it good at articulating a cohesive is+ought framework that, if you could lean into it, can get you to do this top-down reinterpretation of more experiences as pleasurable.


#(I’m going to be ragging on this‚ so I want to say upfront that if you are someone who gets something valuable out of this then that’s great #and you should live your joy) #(I reserve my emotions here for the pattern‚ not the readers) #…okay maybe this is overly meta but I *am* kind of fascinated by my visceral revulsion at this? #it’s kind of trainwrecky‚ I think #somebody actually managed to combine #”zealousness-of-converts!Buddhists waxing lyrical about how being a p-zombie is the highest form of existence” #and ”those assholes in kink spaces who think that because *they’re* into BDSM that everyone with non-normative sexual interests is too” #(with a touch of salvia memory-game shit for flavour!) #I did not expect to see *those* synthesised #(and yet it makes so much sense in hindsight) #and I have to take my hat off to it even as I hate every fibre of its being #tag rambles #sexuality and lack thereof #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #nsfw text #amnesia cw #death tw? #I don’t know‚ what’s the content warning for enlightenment





Hi OP! I’m on mobile and I have never before feared, respected and hated someone in such measures




this pain was inevitable. Someone was going to make it eventually. i didnt draw up the battle plans; i simply pulled the trigger



You are not free of sin simply because you judge yourself to be. It doesn’t matter who aimed the gun, you still chose to shoot knowing what it would cause. You say you are not a murderer because time would kill me anyway? You are a fool.



Another one for the raw-ass quotes list



Do you love the color of the plinko?



Possibly the best/worst version of this


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