latest bout of ‘are people much better than me at this or just way overconfident about it’: how do you even know how long it takes you to fall sleep. like. basically by definition you’re not paying attention by the time it happens, it seems like it should be really hard to have anything like an accurate measure of it. sure you can tell the difference between an hour and a minute but i see people reporting numbers with granularity in the minutes and i have no idea how they could possibly know. unless they had a sleep test i guess, someone else doing the measuring for them, but then why would you ask other people and expect that same granularity? surely the default answer is ‘i don’t know’.

there’s the whole paradoxical insomnia thing, people who report they haven’t slept at all or slept very little but have in fact slept, which i think is evidence for ‘they are just overconfident’. people can say ‘i barely slept’ when they had several hours of sleep, because the borders of sleep and wakefulness are inherently fuzzy from the inside.

Fitness-tracker wristbands? Those alarm-clock apps that decide when (within a given window) to wake you based on how much you’re moving around and therefore how lightly you’re asleep?

(not to say that there isn’t *also* a lot of overconfidence going on, but very basic sleep tests are a lot more practical than they used to be)


#I don’t *super* trust Sleep Cycle’s graph of what times I was asleep #I *know* I’ve seen it fail to recognise times that I woke up in the middle of the night #but there’s something to be said for it and I wouldn’t be surprised if‚ like‚ some mattresses work better for it than others #reply via reblog #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #amnesia cw?

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