frankly, having mutuals has ruined me. i can’t see a train without immediately going “ohh, my train mutual would love this,” or hearing someone talk about a celebrity without going “that’s the man my mutual wants to tie up and put in a deep fryer.”

In the tags tell the mutual you reblogged from what kind of mutual they are to you.


@hibernia-1 It’s more than okay! Also just so you know I bought two more books about irezumi aside from the one you gave me ^^


@dying-suffering-french-stalkers Considering that I developed a whole-ass special interest on feudal/traditional Japan after several deep dives into Goemon-related topics, I think that’s a pretty apt description XD


#hmm #in-their-capacity-as-a-Tumblr-mutual I think they’re the serial-fandom-monogamist mutual #the kind of mutual that those posts like #”ah apparently my dash is about caber toss now‚ cool” (affectionate) #are about #memes

{{reblogged from maryellencarter}}

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