When I ask myself, as I sometimes do, what an astral wizard, alien spirit, or young AGI would do if it found itself in possession of my own body and mind, it’s obvious that one of the first things it would do is start lifting and getting swole. For it is well known to this world’s mindken that human bio-souls work much more consistently when housed in a phylactery that is totally ripped. Truly, any entity entering this world in such a way that wished to mitigate the limited willpower of their new form would immediately work to get fucking jacked.


#(for any of you who remember that cyber-lich post‚ this is the same guy) #I started working out about three weeks ago #–(having already taken up jogging in 2018)– #and I keep thinking about this post #I’ve still got a ways to go‚ but I *am* starting to see improvement #although at this level‚ the mental-health benefits of being in better shape are very difficult to untangle from #the mental-health benefits of renewed hope #someday‚ not so long from now‚ I will be able to say yes to potential employers who ask me if I can carry 50lb objects #(as a large fraction of potential employers around here do) #less vital but still meaningful‚ someday soon I’m going to carry my *own* softener-salt bags instead of having to ask my brother to do it #(at my pre-workout strength I could‚ just barely‚ move 40lb salt bags from the grocery-store display into my cart) #(but I could *not* carry them into the house and down the basement stairs and pour them into the tank) #((P.S. I waited until after finishing the comment roundup to post this)) #((and I think I overdid it a couple days ago)) #((my neck does seem to be recovering well though)) #((it’s a learning process)) #tag rambles #exercise #that one post with the thing #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what

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