he/him • 20 • iron deficient • 18mg methylphenidate • 52°01’04.9″N 8°29’17.4″W • 10% tax bracket • spare key under doormat • 30G • broken ankle (recovered) • last name Jones (previously Davis) • conventionally attractive • driver’s license ID 737927323 • vacationing in another country Feb. 13-Feb. 21 • 5’11” / 180cm • born in Chicago, Illinois • nonanemics DNI


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #(cosmea’s tag in the notes: ”fake post people from chicago physically cannot enter ireland”) #…10% tax bracket in *which country* though #he’s strongly implied he’s subject to two countries’ tax agencies #*pokepoke* #America: Ireland apparently doesn’t have a 10% bracket #man don’t break into the house of someone in the 10% tax bracket‚ that’s just kicking them while they’re down #odds are decent he doesn’t have much worth stealing anyway #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what #embarrassment squick? #unreality cw?

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