why get a self driving car when god has given u the humble horse you stupid fuck

they will stop when smth in front of them or go a different direction(so no crashing), u cant get locked inside a horse, and many more pros 2 this etc etc

cars don’t poop

another thing modernity has taken from us


#a little while ago on Discord I made a similar point but taken in a very different direction #self-driving cars are horselike (derogatory) #I went horseback riding once and it really gave me a new appreciation for the mindless obedience of a (circa-2010) car #cars don’t pull over to refuel against their driver’s will #(certainly not when they just ate not that long ago) #cars don’t speed up and pass other cars because they felt like it #cars don’t shy away from crossing ankle-deep water #the categories ”tools” and ”entities with minds” should not mix #and it’s such bullshit that we’re regressing back towards using animals for things just because those animals are silicon-based #disappointed permanent resident of The Future #discourse cw?

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