i got different answers when i asked my vegetarian sister, my vegetarian mom, and my vegan partner so.

if lab grown meat became widely available and easily affordable, would you eat it?


if you want to tag why please go right ahead, (i.e. you wouldn’t consider it to follow religious dietary rules and restrictions). i’m very curious because i’ve talked about this a lot with people.


#I eat meat about once or twice a week and I am so hyped† for cultured meat #why‚ you ask? well‚ read my previous post #(do cultured mink fur next so those little bastards can stop breeding new variants of every goddamn epidemic that comes along) #((I suspect doing fur would be harder‚ but like‚ that is *the sort of line* along which we ought to be thinking)) #((*even if* one ignores the matter of animal welfare‚ I firmly believe we should wean ourselves off factory farming for our *own* safety)) #speaking as someone who makes less than the global average income‚ I would be willing to pay up to double to have my meat be cultured #†I continue to not be good at excitement qualia‚ but like‚ intellectually hyped #food #animal abuse cw? #illness tw? #surveys #proud citizen of The Future #(((P.S. also I suspect future-me will care more about animal welfare #and *I* care about *her* and do not want her to regret having been me #so that’s also a factor in why I eat so little meat))) #(((I think Ozy Brennan put it very well when they said #”when [people] can look up and think about something other than staying alive‚ the first luxury they buy is compassion” #I can’t look up right now #but maybe someday I’ll be able to))) #tag rambles

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