Mom didn’t plan this, but my sister went to Cedar Point September 15, 2001.

Because the hotel was non refundable.

The lines for everything were so short my mother eventually started letting a 7-year-old ride alone because she couldn’t handle 6 rides an hour on Millenium Force.

but really, not going to cedar point would have been letting the terrorists win. riding millenium force twenty times in a row as an expression of the indomitable american spirit, etc

God, being at Disney World on 9/11 was such a pain.

They closed the parks. September 11th was supposed to be the monthly open-late night, and they didn’t hold a replacement open-late night (I think they did refund the tickets, but the late hours worked better with our sleep schedule and I was looking forward to that). We were on hold so long trying to find out if our plane back had been cancelled that I took a shift of keeping an ear on the phone because Dad was getting tired, and eventually we learned that it had been. All of the adults were very sad all the time and spent an entire day watching the same two clips over and over, as if it would help anything. My parents wouldn’t come out of their room that night: I had to make myself microwave popcorn for dinner.

(It wasn’t *as* much of a pain as it could have been. The hotel let us stay for free for a couple of extra days until we could make alternate travel arrangements. The rental-car company let us take their car and drop it off at their Philadelphia branch.)

The length of the lines was not what stuck out to me.


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