kinda weird how everyone is so certain about what chalk tastes like


think they’re wrong. it tastes initially multivitamin-tablet bland, sure, but then quickly starts to get bitter and slightly tangy, with a polymeric note before I spat it out

not as expected

What chalk did you try? I wonder if hagoromo tastes better than competitors.

it was Hagoromo. fortunately, my department provides free Crayola chalk for people with low standards and the category of things I’ll put in my mouth for the bit is large. the Crayola chalk is mainly just bland, like multivitamins but moreso, with a slight bitterness that develops after a while, but none of the tang or plasticky taste of Hagoromo. it’s a much less intense experience. further, Crayola doesn’t have that same melt-in-the-mouth texture that mathematicians the world over crave


#food #language #the more you know #poison cw?

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