Tumblr users will see a post mentioning a day if the week and just fucking black out and reblog it

Hey op what day did you make this post on

I made it on a Monday and there’s a damn version of this post for every day of the week now

happy every day of the week wednesday


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #Tumblr: a User’s Guide #(I don’t actually go in for the day-of-the-week thing and it’s not *super* common among people I follow) #(though I have seen *enough* to be aware of the joke context) #((what day even is it)) #((*looks up at clock on laptop’s top bar*)) #((…oh)) #((apparently it is every-day-of-the-week Wednesday)) #((well‚ so be it)) #((today happens to be when I have a chance to clear out my pile of maybe-reblog-these Tumblr tabs)) #amnesia cw?

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