look man, life is hard and the rules of society are complex

but let people off the fuckin train before you try to get on

and don’t play your goddamn music on your phone speakers in public

Genuinely curious: Why is music treated so much worse than conversation? If the norm was to actually be quiet on the bus, that would be one thing, but I see people primarily single out “music” without even mentioning loud conversations and such.

(I’m guilty of this too – I would never dream of playing music out loud, but get me excited and I will lose all awareness of how loud I’m talking)

Because music *is* worse than conversation. More distracting (consumes more mental processing power), and with potentially much deeper valleys of unpleasantness.

I can only assume that mileage must vary on this, though, given that store background radios are not just legal but *encouraged*.

(Even my *dentist* has a background radio. I was afraid to point out the risk of [them getting distracted by the music at a crucial moment and fucking up a procedure] for fear of self-fulfilling-prophecies/centipede’s-dilemmas. Possibly I should have at least pointed out that playing lowest-common-denominator pop music while performing potentially invasive medical procedures on people risks giving them PTSD *with extremely common triggers*: that issue seems incredibly obvious to *me*, but then I have relevant experience and perhaps it’s not obvious otherwise.)


#we should fine the shit out of stores with background radios #you can be allowed to turn a profit once you’ve proven you can be trusted with public soundscapes #reply via reblog #music #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #medical cw #this probably deserves some other warning tag but I am not sure what #infohazards?

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