I’m watching an old livestream vod of some people who are really good at Geoguessr (because, I dunno, that’s where I’m at in my life now) and it’s really funny – so partially there’s this incredible real-world knowledge of, like, looking at the landscape and being like “I’m getting Spain vibes”, or knowing not just the flags but the colors of the flags, or the one guy who’s memorized all the traffic dividers of many different countries…

But then there are also these Goodharted things in from how google maps works in different countries, and it’s just thrown in alongside the others. It paints this wildly Nightvalian picture of the world. Such as:

  • Germany loves to make entire buildings blurry.
  • In Nigeria, a car follows you around everywhere (“the follow car”, you know.)
  • There are rifts over the sky in Senegal.


#geography #games #fun with loopholes

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