it’s come to my attention that a lot of people don’t know about bluemaxima’s flashpoint and genuinely think they’ll never be able to play their favorite 00s internet games ever again so i just want to remind everyone that flashpoint is a huge internet flash game preservation project that allows you to play just about any internet flash game/animation despite the death of flash. if they’ve got it in their database (and they probably do) you can play it. go forth and drink in the 00s nostalgia

even if you think there’s no way they’ll have the game u want. they probably do anyway. when i first downloaded flashpoint i thought for sure theres no way they will have the obscure flash game i played for hours as a kid that was only even available on the internet for like 2 months in 2006. but you know what. they had it. seriously, download flashpoint


#101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #the more you know #as it happens they do not have my Flash-game white whales‚ the pair of Wild Thornberrys wildlife-rescue games I played as a kid #but there *is* a lot of nostalgic Neopets stuff on there #(…and it seems that the Internet Archive has‚ not technically either of the wildlife-rescue games‚ but a *third* variant upon them) #(I’ll have to try poking that on a VM: it doesn’t look like that one’s been vetted) #games #my childhood





#1 #which I have not thought about in a long time #but I *do* have‚ deep in my brain‚ some memories of playing Space Invaders on my parents’ old Atari #after that it was basically just 14 and none of the others #we’ve never been very big on consoles #games #surveys #my childhood






ive just been born into the world what are some good games for beginners


this one won goty five yrs in a row and i heard its got awesome ratings

Tier List

S Tier: Green Line – High up and long circular motions are the sauce. Absolute banger.

A Tier: Blue Line – Nothing special in terms of line structure, but the texture on the beads are what make this one so great

B Tier: Yellow Line – The Right Angled motions are honestly mesmerizing

C Tier: Orange Line – The Vertical Up and Down motions can be fun but it just comes across as clunky

F Tier: Red Line – What are you even doing

are you fucking kidding me the red line beads are a FAR more compelling texture than the blue line. “oh but the red line is booring.” the appeal is in how it interacts with and highlights the other lines you philistine. without the red line there’s no cohesion at all. read a book.

Literally hop off. Red doesn’t even use gravity as an element in the main route. Orange is one of the only three lines (with green and yellow) to actually use gravity to add complexity to the route, and is honestly an underrated pick. Have fun playing “push left” simulator with red. Idiot.


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This Discord Has Ghosts In It

It doesn’t get talked about enough, but This Discord Has Ghosts In It is a rad example of how you can adapt game design to your surroundings.

Basically, This Discord Has Ghosts In It is a digital larp. It’s Phasmophobia played by chat. Your group creates a discord server to function as a haunted house, then you all explore it, building new ‘rooms’ out of channels as you go.

Some players take the roles of ghosts, and are muted but can affect the environment in the haunted house.

Other players take the roles of explorers, and can talk, but the ghosts are all listening.

Discord wasn’t built to be gamified this way, but that doesn’t matter.

As long as you can guarantee consistent behavior from a thing, you can build mechanics off of it.

Anything in your environment can be turned into a game.

And in this particular case, it’s a really good one!

The mechanics lend themselves well to the kinds of pacing, limited communication, and untrustworthy setting that any good ghost story needs.


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I’m watching an old livestream vod of some people who are really good at Geoguessr (because, I dunno, that’s where I’m at in my life now) and it’s really funny – so partially there’s this incredible real-world knowledge of, like, looking at the landscape and being like “I’m getting Spain vibes”, or knowing not just the flags but the colors of the flags, or the one guy who’s memorized all the traffic dividers of many different countries…

But then there are also these Goodharted things in from how google maps works in different countries, and it’s just thrown in alongside the others. It paints this wildly Nightvalian picture of the world. Such as:

  • Germany loves to make entire buildings blurry.
  • In Nigeria, a car follows you around everywhere (“the follow car”, you know.)
  • There are rifts over the sky in Senegal.


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one thing me n my art loving gf would do is visit galleries and play a game called “root, loot or boot” 

the gist is that you would look at a group of paintings in a room and decide which figure in the painting you’d root (fuck, in Australian slang), which painting you’d loot (steal and put on your wall at home) and which painting you’d boot (punt into the garbage because it’s shit and Not Art)

a couple of things about my experiences:

1. this game is a lot more fun if you’re attracted to women because there’s so many Hot Gals to choose from 

2. if you are attracted to men, you will spend a lot of time going “well, looks like I’ll have to pick jesus again” as my bi gf did

3. it gets more complicated in modern art museums and you find yourself having saying, “I’d fuck the rhombus” “you CAN’T fuck the rhombus” “then I’ll fuck that blue squiggle thing. what’s it called?” “creeping existential dread in blue” “then does that mean I’m fucking the squiggle or am I getting fucked by the existential dread it represents?” “aren’t we all already getting fucked by existential dread?”

4. if you play this with an art history nerd, they may decide to kill you over one of your “boot” choices

5. you will get Disapproving Looks from other patrons who overhear your heated debates

6. it’s also the best fun you’ll ever have in an art gallery

“you CAN’T fuck the rhombus’ sounds like Quitter Talk to me. 


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I have a friend, who’s a history major, who has only played one game the past two years. He’s spent almost 2000 hours on Crusader Kings II and that’s all he plays every single day after class.

When I tried to recommend Titanfall 2 to him, he said, “No thanks, I already play a video game.”


less extreme but this is kinda how I feel

why would I play new video games when I already have games which I am enjoying playing


#yeah I don’t get people who are constantly playing new games #that sounds so unsatisfying #games #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see