All I’m saying is there’s 7.6 billions of us and only one God. We could take him out if we want to.



Too bad he’s so high up, we couldn’t possibly reach him.



Wait, I just had an idea.

It’s gonna take a lot of construction work, though.



Hey, we’ve already got it started in Florida, just come join me we’re almost Λορεμ ιπσθμ δολορ σιτ αμετ, ηασ ει vιδισσε δισπθτανδο cομπλεcτιτθρ, σιντ λαορεετ ιντερπρεταρισ εαμ ιδ.



vuoi alzare la voce? Non riesco a capire :(



Pwy adeiladodd y tŵr ‘ma fan hyn, te



hvorfor kan jeg ikke forstå hvad i siger :-(


#I love the meta-level here that this post is actually totally comprehensible thanks to machine translation #proud citizen of the Future #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what #amnesia cw?

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