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apparently duolingo shuttered tinycards sometime last year, which, like, yeah, that’s exactly why I never tried it and refuse to use any online flashcard stuff except as a data source for export

I’d never heard of tinycards in specific, but yeah, same.

VitalSource tried to get me to use their proprietary cloud-dependent flashcard system to study for my commercial-law class, and I said “fuck you” and used Mnemosyne instead. I regret nothing.

(I also backed up the textbook despite VitalSource’s attempts to stop me.)

I always wonder … why don’t people just use index cards?

Because the algorithm to determine how often one should review each card for optimal retention is sufficiently complicated that it’s much better to have a computer figure it out.

(It’s not the same frequency for each card, because one is bound to find some bits of information more memorable than others.)

Also, having thousands of index cards can get unwieldy.


#reply via reblog #amnesia cw? #adventures in University Land #(although it’s good for other things too) #(I have also been learning to match countries’ names to their locations and later I plan to learn the periodic table)

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