Hey there friends, if you use iOS and are a member of any NSFW Discord servers I would *STRONGLY RECOMMEND* that you go and immediately change your settings to only update apps manually – Discord is going to suspend access to NSFW servers on iOS devices.

Here’s how to make updates manual:

NSFW servers and channels will still be allowed on Android devices and on desktop, but I know a lot of iPhone users who use Discord for kink and sex work and this update will completely cut you off from that on your device.


#Discord has been going downhill for some time #god I’m so tired of all this shit #both the NSFW purges and #generally having to keep migrating from one messaging service to another as each one fails and/or turns against its users #(I don’t use iOS but the writing’s on the wall‚ you know?) #(and the bastards at Discord *have* already forced me to give them a phone number‚ which I was *not* comfortable with) #((no they were not fooled by a VoIP)) #we should just fucking email each other #for a more IM-y email interface I’ve been hearing some intriguing things about Delta Chat #mutuals if you want to exchange email addresses hmu #Discord #tag rambles #PSA #disappointed permanent resident of The Future

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