YouTube’s been doing this thing lately where their ad algorithm tries to time automatically inserted ad breaks to fall on black frames in the video, on the theory that a pure black frame is likely to form part of a transition between scenes, and the ad is thus less likely to cut a line of dialogue in half or whatever.

Unfortunately, the algorithm cannot distinguish between black frames that form part of scene transitions and black frames inserted for other dramatic purposes, with the result that I’ve watched videos whose ad breaks are perfectly timed to match, among other things:

  • Entering a dark room
  • The trigger of a gun being pulled
  • The beat between the setup and the punchline of a visual pun
  • A PoV shot in which the viewpoint character blinks
  • The protagonist getting punched in the face

If their goal was to make the timing of automatically inserted ad breaks feel less random, well, they succeeded!

The protagonist getting punched in the face then blacking out and having a dream about raid: shadow legends is pretty funny, actually

Dude got hit so hard he saw God, and God wants him to save 15% on car insurance.


#advertising #juxtaposition #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #violence mention

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