Tumblr Blaze is very good because tumblr correctly deduced that if they ran a real advertising service using targeted demographics we’d have burnt this site to the ground, but ALSO correctly deduced that we would be overjoyed to collectively pay large amounts of money to spread shitposts onto completely random dashes in a delighted flurry of slightly malicious mischief. You really do gotta hand it to em on this one, A+ problem solving.


Incredible content brought to MY DASH with OTHER PEOPLE’S money? Yeah, I’ll support that

I do not know what this is about at all but that is arnold


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Imagine ye olde tales of sirens, but like if the sirens calling for sex were about as effective as your average porn bot. Less of a mythical creature, and more of a regular nuisance.

You and the gang pass by these misty islands and there’s a billboard in the water reading “Hot sirens in your area! Just jump off your starboard bow and say hi ;)” and nobody really talks about it, you just keep hoisting the sails and privately hope that whatever poor woman had her photos stolen for it isn’t suffering because of it

Yet somewhere you suspect there are sailors that inexplicably keep falling for it because there’s always a new billboard every week

Loving the idea that the sirens will like. Run out of billboard money if they don’t eat enough people

You know how it is


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It really annoys me that skillshare makes the people it sponsors call it an “online learning community”, because like. As far as I can tell it is in no way a community. AFAIK It’s just a bunch of videos!



anything that has more than 2 people is a community



This thread is now a community



an online community no less



and I just learned things about skillshare from it!



By our powers combined, we are an “online learning community”!



we should start advertising on youtube


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movie trailer structured more like a paper towel ad: “Unlike the leading competing brand operatic sci-fi, we actually planned this trilogy before filming it. 3x more characterization. plot! value pack size. Save with galaxy and your wallet with Nebula Lasers!. in theaters near you.”




every time yall post abt some cursed thing a hollywood product did, it has the effect – do you understand this? – it has the effect of causing me to hear about the hollywood product. to become aware of the hollywood product. i do not like this. but hollywood does


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YouTube’s been doing this thing lately where their ad algorithm tries to time automatically inserted ad breaks to fall on black frames in the video, on the theory that a pure black frame is likely to form part of a transition between scenes, and the ad is thus less likely to cut a line of dialogue in half or whatever.

Unfortunately, the algorithm cannot distinguish between black frames that form part of scene transitions and black frames inserted for other dramatic purposes, with the result that I’ve watched videos whose ad breaks are perfectly timed to match, among other things:

  • Entering a dark room
  • The trigger of a gun being pulled
  • The beat between the setup and the punchline of a visual pun
  • A PoV shot in which the viewpoint character blinks
  • The protagonist getting punched in the face

If their goal was to make the timing of automatically inserted ad breaks feel less random, well, they succeeded!

The protagonist getting punched in the face then blacking out and having a dream about raid: shadow legends is pretty funny, actually

Dude got hit so hard he saw God, and God wants him to save 15% on car insurance.


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I’ve got to say, it was a pretty funny joke by the government to let people advertise drugs, as long as they fill the whole ad with everything that could possibly go wrong.

those ads where an announced reads a rapidfire list of horrifying side-effects in a soothing drone while the tv shows a happy telegenic family playing are one of America’s most important cultural artifacts and it’s so crucial that they be preserved for future civilizations

*rapid voice* this is not a place of honour. no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here. nothing valued is here. may cause nausea, vomiting, and erectile dysfunction. sending this message was important to us.


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TIL that both the Energizer and Duracell battery brands use a pink bunny as their mascot. Duracell had it first, but they failed to renew the North American trademark, so Europeans associate the pink bunny with Duracell and North Americans see it as an Energizer brand.


I knew it


What the fuck




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