comparativelysuperlative: is the most important website of the year.

(Answer: no. Just today left. Could be more disasters to track, who knows.)

So anyway, the guy it’s “reluctantly made & maintained by” is speaking on the Jan. 5 about how 2020 is, finally, over. 

You can register here, assuming we make it another week.

I get why people are saying this, but I disagree. Much like how “the ‘60′s” ended in 1974, “2020″ will not end until the vaccine rollout.

For the purposes of mass coordination “the end of 2020″ is probably when the pandemic is declared officially over, but I personally will be making a Happy New Year post one week after my second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech, or on the equivalent day-of-full-effect if I end up with a different manufacturer’s vaccine.

(Tonight I’m still gonna eat traditional New Year foods and play “Auld Lang Syne” and maybe watch the Times Square ball drop if the stream doesn’t crash again, but I’m thinking I might also do it (sans ball drop) then.)


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