https://www.yankeecandle.com/product/warm-and-cozy/_/R-1667510 – Example

Friends don’t let friends give their entire extended families COVID.


#AAAAAAAAAAAAAA #today in We Live in a Horror Movie: the ”the call is coming from inside the house” edition #(personally I am *not* a clueless horror-movie protagonist and I have been keeping an eye (so to speak) on my sense of smell) #(when I was in quarantine I kept a bottle of peppermint oil on my bedside table) #(and opened it once or twice a day to check if my nose was still working) #((it was)) #(also remember that that’s for times when you’re *not* wearing a mask) #(if you’re currently wearing a mask having a sense of smell that’s *too good* is the bad sign because it means problems with your mask seal) #(if you’re wearing an N95 the correct level of sense-of-smell to have *is* in fact *zero*) #(for a surgical-shaped mask you should get occasional whiffs of stuff but little or no background scents) #(that includes cloth‚ though the occasional whiffs will likely be somewhat more frequent than they are with a well-made #–(not churned-out-for-2020 shit)– #disposable) #((yes‚ you can smell that surgical masks aren’t as good as N95s; yes‚ it’s scary)) #tag rambles #illness tw #covid19 #Yankee Candle #embarrassment squick?

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