The MPAA allows a maximum of one “f-word” to retain a rating of PG-13.

There is some wiggle room on this. But not infinite amounts of wiggle room.

The decimal expansion of pi contains all possible finite substrings. The same is true in any other finite base. This includes base 36. 

The base-36 expansion of pi includes more than one (an infinite number) of instances of a forbidden four-character string. Math is therefore rated R.



While we believe this is true, I’m pretty sure it’s still a conjecture and not yet proven.



The first couple trillion digits of the base ten expansion of pi are known. Presumably it should not be difficult to calculate at least the first trillion digits of the base 36 expansion which heuristically should contain hundreds of thousands of f-bombs. Checking this should be enough to secure the R-rating, without proving the full normality conjecture.



Also, think how immensely interesting it would be if the heuristic is wrong and there’s no f-bombs in the first trillion digits!


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