everyone’s posting their links to the other social media they’re active on in case their tumblr gets deleted in the latest and greatest ill-conceived ineffectual attempt to algorithmically combat pornbot spam

so in case my tumblr gets deleted for some reason, here is all the other social media i use:

  • none. really hope my blog doesn’t get deleted

I don’t *currently* have any other sites, but in the event of a Tumblr shutdown–either of me personally or of everyone–you can probably figure out where I’ve moved to by googling my username.

But Brin, doesn’t your blogging style rely heavily on being able to link to your previous posts?”, you ask. That’s where the WordPress export comes in!

Unlike a lot of blogs that claim to take Tumblr imports, WordPress includes reblogs and images. My WordPress is currently private, mostly because the formatting is fucked up in ways that would be simple but tedious to fix (tags insist on displaying on alphabetical order, which scrambles the commentary; intra-blog links link to the Tumblr copy and not the WordPress copy): if the original Tumblr copy vanishes I will go through the whole thing, clean it up (moving commentary tags into the main post body), and mark it public. If anyone else reading this wants to be more reliably able to link people to their old posts, I recommend a WordPress backup.

While I back up my Tumblr to my laptop daily, and to my phone weekly, I’d only done a WordPress backup once ages ago. Thanks for the reminder to add it to my routine backup schedule: I’d hate to be unable to link people to old posts, or to have to figure out how to host the local copy in a reasonably linkable way.

(Sorry for getting my seriousness in your joke(?) post, but it inspired me.)


#Tumblr: a User’s Guide #The Great Tumblr Apocalypse #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #amnesia cw #reply via reblog #(every time I suggest backups as a solution to something Dad scoffs and says that nobody actually does those) #(he keeps doing this even though I always respond with ”…*I* do them”) #(if my laptop abruptly fails again it’ll suck having to buy new hardware but that’s all it’ll be: new *hardware*)

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