No I don’t, I have different spatulas that are best for different situations! I have the spatula that’s easy to clean and perfectly flat but slightly too long to be ergonomic and the spatula that’s really ergonomic but slightly bent.



I will fight other spatulas over the perfection of my offset spatula



my spatula is the best at flipping eggs and that’s the only important thing so it’s the best spatula



Nothing worth while is produced with spatulas.



1) I will fight you for the honor of my pasta not-bolognese, and 2) you’re just saying that because you can’t use a spatula to cook rocks.


#food mention #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #high context jokes #(although I did mention the context of the rock thing in a previous post) #((I think I’m also in the ”different spatulas for different situations” camp)) #((mostly based on what material the spatula is made out of))

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