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Tonight’s episode of Red Panda video will be “Monkey See, Monkey Do”.

It occurs to me this almost certainly means that the Mad Monkey has a canonical appearance. And he’s almost certainly not going to look how I was imagining him. This is going to be weird.

(Not that this’ll be the first time that’s happened, even within this series. What do you mean, Andy Parker is blond?)

Between prosopagnosia (which tends to cause impairments in imagining faces along with recognising them) and a generally low-detail visual imagination, I don’t tend to imagine characters’ appearances all that much. They’ll usually have a skin colour, often hair to some level, and sometimes a build and/or general facial structure. For some reason, I have an unusually clear sense of what the Mad Monkey’s hair looks like: light brown, somewhat curly, balding, sideburns, thick eyebrows. (He’s pretty short, too.)

(I didn’t have much sense of what Professor Zombie looked like, so seeing her appearance in the previous episode didn’t really weird me out: there wasn’t much of anything for it to clash with.)


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