For anyone betrayed by that post going around that claimed to be “Weightless” by Marconi Union (aka “the most relaxing song ever”), but was actually (spoilers) n inevnag bs “Pbggba Rlr Wbr”: here is an actual recording of “Weightless”.


#(I believed that post at first) #(and I *did* consider reblogging it without listening to it because I’d already heard it on Youtube) #(but I decided to look at TagViewer first) #(this was the correct decision) #oh look an original post #music #I was disappointed but not surprised to learn that this song makes my chest hurt #and to a lesser extent my head #it’s the opposite of relaxing #look brain #I love you and I know you love me #I know you’re just trying to protect me #but also you’re a paranoid wreck #and as if that weren’t bad enough you were given some very fucked up sex ed as a kid #(I don’t mean that in the usual sense) #(I don’t necessarily think there’s a whole lot anyone could’ve done to make my upbringing less toxic in that regard) #(it just happened to be an incredibly bad match) #I’m glad you’re a *little* less panicky now that you have some decent models for what consensual sex can look like #I hope we can heal more in the future #((um)) #((for anyone who found this in the Marconi Union tracked tag or something)) #((I swear these tags make sense in context)) #tag rambles #(I specifically left them in the tags) #(in order to leave it up to the individual whether to include them when reblogging) #(so you can just have the PSA part if you want) #sexuality and lack thereof #people who can distinguish between their drive for sleep and drive for sex fascinate me

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