I Finally Figured Out Why I Need Your Help!

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New blog post up! This one is especially worth checking out if you like my EMC smut, because it’s got a link to a crowdsourced add-on to Simon’s site that has searchable story tags. And, yes, a request to go in and tag all my stories so that you can all find the bits of my stuff that best appeal to your naughty bits, but hey, if we all pitch in together we’ll all find the kink we love!

Think of it as an Amish barn raising, only for porn. A sexy, sexy Amish barn raising.

Holy shit! This is a thing?! A version of the EMCSA whose tagging system isn’t completely fucking useless?!

Filters!! By consensuality!!! And- okay, it looks like there isn’t actually a tag for “contains no sex in the conventional sense of the term”, but you could at least get a partial negative-space kludging by saying you dislike every form of sex-in-the-conventional-sense listed! Which is a hell of a lot better than what the EMCSA alone would let you do!!

Oh my god, the EMCSA might actually be usable now.

I’m late for homework time right now, but I am so going to try this out later.


#!!!!! #usually the EMCSA is kind of depressing #I have specific and uncommon-even-by-local-standards tastes #and I almost almost leave wondering why I bother to associate with these people who are nothing like me #but I’m hopeful about this #PSA #sexuality and lack thereof #trump mention #(in the linked post) #nsfw text #reply via reblog

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