@ilzolende said: ew ew i have to share a gender with _cats_? ugh. i thought they were all supposed to be the same gender cat otherkin-as-gender people are or something
@nihil-descent said: can confirm, am cat and nb


@nihil-descent said:

a level 1 housecat beats a level 1 commoner every time

you’re a cat otherkin, you can totally claim to share a gender with cats

also you are a noncentral cat in that if i tell you to not touch me you will stop, you are not a vector for toxoplasma, and you probably aren’t a major threat to endangered bird species

on the other hand, tell me i share a gender with cats and i will be p offended

i don’t really have a response to this, i just find this whole conversation amusing


~follow for more amusing speciesism~


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #oddly enough it was the ~follow for more amusing speciesism~ that made me laugh #it’s meta-amusing I guess

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