It’s really cloudy tonight so, while the clouds had a reddish tint, I didn’t see the moon :(

*nod* Fucking clouds.

The worst part is, in my case it might not have just been the clouds. When I finally got a glimpse of the moon at 12:20, about ten minutes before the last of the shadow left, I found it was much higher in the sky than I expected it to be. Specifically, it was high enough that the angle I had been using to check the sky out my window that evening would not have seen it. How long was it up that high? How long?

Fucking clouds. Fucking irregular-relative-to-day/night-cycle moonrises. Fucking sleep schedules.

(Also, I like that “tiny adventure club” tag you used. Looks like the space-less version (”tinyadventureclub”) is more active, though.)


#reply via reblog #commiseration #how come nobody ever took me out meteor-watching when I was a kid and went to bed at 2 – 3 AM #now it’s too late #(in multiple senses of ‘too late’) #lunar eclipse

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