Neuro-atypical Weather Forecast

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Shamelessly reblogging myself and putting this little comics into the series “Ma République”.


#not sure why they expect me to be able to focus on the crawl and the speech at the same time #I suppose that’s part of what the subtitles are for #abandon the audio in favour of devoting all primary sensory processing to visuals #(recently I was watching one of those how-to-adult videos) #(and there was a bunch of text on the screen that was *different* from what they were saying) #(I had to go through it twice) #(once listening and ignoring the video) #(once watching and ignoring the audio) #(and then the following video basically said) #(that if somebody else asks me out on an ambiguously-romantic date) #(it is *my* responsibility to make it clear if it is platonic) #(otherwise it will be and *should* be assumed romantic) #(like dude) #(if you’re going to suggest an outing it’s *your* job to state what you mean by that) #(if you rely on societal narratives to determine whether we’re dating) #(we’re *both* going to feel betrayed by the other) #(you’re going to feel strung along) #(and I’m going to feel you tricked me into dating you) #(it should not be possible to *accidentally* date someone) #(I didn’t go back to those videos after that) #tag rambles #lots of tag rambles

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