Bad joke time

It can be frustrating when people confuse “aromantic” with “aromatic”, but hey, you know what they say: Aros, by any other name, would smell as sweet.


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How does one explain how important a special interest is to neurotypicals?

Fuck if I know, but I’ll signal boost in the hope that maybe someone else does.

An attempt: Imagine if the only thing people around you were genuinely interested in was the shade of white wallpaper. You’d learn to think about wallpaper in a complex way, hold down cobversations about eggshell versus alabaster, but ultimately, in your own time, you won’t spend a huge amount of time researching wallpaper, you’ll be learning about physics or celebrity gossip or whatever tickles your fancy, even though there’s been a hundred thousand times more ink spilled over wallpaper than anything else.And people will look at you funny for your obsession with non-wallpaper, but you’d just shrug and say “it’s what I’m into.”
And whenever the conversation shifted to a topic you knew something about, you’d go on and on about it, and the people you’re talking to might humor you or ignore you but ultimately they’d just want to get back to wallpaper.
Now imagine non-wallpaper is star wars or trains or whatever

it’s like falling in love with something that isn’t a person. 

The nice thing about the falling-in-love comparison is that it also works the other direction, should you ever be attempting to explain limerence to an autistic aromantic.

(This is a large part of why, as an autistic aromantic, I’m not really worried about missing out on the experience of limerence.)


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I have extremely mixed feelings about the language of the US Supreme Court ruling (people who don’t marry are not automatically incomplete lonely people ffs, this is not the 19th century), but I understand why they used the strong language they did.

Marriage rights are not the #1 most important issue in the world, but they are important and I’m really glad they made this ruling.


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Okay, but imagine a medieval adventure fantasy where asexuals sell their services to parties who have to travel past sirens/incubi/succubi in order to fulfill their quests.

Imagine young witches and warlocks going through a final wizardry test where they have to square off against every magical creature they’ve ever learned about, and everyone is really confused as to how that one team just strolled past the sirens/incubi/succubi, and also as to why afterwards they high-fived, said “Aced it!” and then laughed for ten minutes straight.

Imagine a villain dousing a hero with a love potion and then unshackling her, expecting mindless devotion, only to have her then stab him and say “I’m aromantic, actually.”

Imagine an incubus carefully choosing a target and ending up on her couch with a tub of ice cream as she assures him that he is really good at his job and he can’t help it that he happened to pick an ace target.

Imagine an ace sailor who has to tie up his companions in the hold and sail the ship by himself whenever they encounter mermaids, and since it’s just him it’s really slow going, and he spends the entire time griping about allosexuals to the mermaids, who in turn gripe about how sick they are of having to target sailors before the sailors target them.

Imagine a love god trying to set up a pair of aro ace soulmates and putting them in increasingly romantic and/or risque situations, only to pull his hair out in frustration as they ignore or fix every situation and just become better and better friends.

Just like, fantasy asexuals, y’all.


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Valentine’s Day is really pissing me off this year, and it’s not for a reason I’ve seen articulated anywhere.

See, I would love to get in on that. It’s like — there’s a day that’s specifically for appreciating people and telling them how much they mean to you, right? I want to be all over that. I want to send you all messages full of giant hugs (or your preferred expression of caring and support) and, like, just scatter happiness everywhere.

But it’s also a day for celebrating romance and mono-love, and I… I feel like I’m gonna come across wrong if I try to co-opt it for my own little aro poly friendlove celebration. But I really want to… to join in the love-sharing energy everybody’s goddamn blasting across my dash and my life this time of year, and I’m scared to, and that makes me fucking cranky. :P

I, for one, am totally in favour of broadening the scope of Valentine’s Day. Or rather, bringing the broadened scope I was raised with to the rest of society.

(As for seeing it articulated, I swear I saw people talking about this on the Asexual Agenda a couple years ago, but now I can’t find it.)


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the idea of two aromantic platonic partners having a “convenience marriage” is like my favorite thing right now I’m both getting really excited and cracking up over the possibilities I mean just imagine:

  • “we got married because of tax benefits”
  • “we got married because it gave us an excuse to have sleepovers every night
  • “we got married because it seemed convenient to ‘pool our assets’ (aka our library is now twice as big, as is our collection of Disney movies)”
  • “we got married because it gave us an excuse to ask for toasters from people as wedding gifts”

#we got married because weddings are really exciting and we can plan it how we want it and it doesn’t need to include kissing bc that can be weird#but it gives us an excuse to have a dessert table#because dESSERT TABLE#I just want dessert table festivities#festivities around a dessert table#ahh#desssseeeeerrrrrt#CHEESECAKES THOOOOOOOO#YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 

this is the most important addition anyone has made to this post bless you and may the Force be with you my friend


 We got married because broadway duets while doing choreswe got married because HALF AS MANY CHORESwe got married because surprise cookies on bad dayswe got married because surprise cookies on GOOD dayswe got married so we’d never have to ask the other if we could come over today againwe got married so our parents would stop asking (x)


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