X-post from r/pics someone told me to post here. If you dig a hole straight down the red is where you’ll end up.


#the more you know #you know when I described Perth as being the opposite side of the world #I didn’t think it was very exact #but actually #if you dig straight down from my house #(hypothetically speaking) #then head for the nearest land as the albatross flies #it’s very nearly Perth #(I suppose technically it would be somewhere around Yallingup) #(Wikipedia informs me a lot more people than I would’ve expected care about Yallingup’s existence) #(it’s got some very nice beaches and caves) #the things you learn messing around with maps #yesterday I learned about Svalbard after hitting it on GeoGuessr #go look up Svalbard #it’s interesting #(I’m surprised just how little land has land as its opposite) #(where did Americans get the idea that theirs was China anyway?) #tag rambles

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