So the whole episode she is questioning whether or not she is a good captain. They landed on an earth-like planet so she’s so sure her crew is going to stay there instead of continuing the long journey to Earth. She told them all to go to the cargo bay if they want to stay and she’s so sure that there will be many there and she opens the door and



cries omg i am dying why did she doubt herself im going to cry and become a burrito for life just look at chikotay’s expression like “I TOLD YOU KATHY UR A HELL OF A CAPTAIN Y YOU DOUBT URSELF OMG” and then she goes into the bridge and they all stand up and salute her omg THE FEEEEELS IM DYINGGGG

*whispers*: It genuinely surprises me that no one stayed behind, especially since some of the Maquis crew probably were colonists in their pre-terrorist revolutionary lives. But I think this is the same part of me that always wants like two or three people to peace out whenever someone gives that speech about “This is entirely voluntary, none of you will be punished for not going on this suicide mission, y’all could just go back to your quarters and have a beer and forget this whole thing or you could come with me and probably die.” 

I have this same qualm! And I’m *almost* sure there was at least one B5 scene where people did leave? 

Because that is a silly trope.

…but Janeway is awesome. Forever.

I was thinking along the same lines at first, but the more I think about it the more it makes sense. The Maquis weren’t fighting for the right to make settlements in general, but specifically for the right to stay in the homes they’d built, yes? Which they would be giving up forever by staying, after putting all this effort and risk into keeping their homes.

A lot of those “totally voluntary” missions draw their pool of volunteers entirely from people who are only there because they signed up for “people unwilling to make heroic sacrifices need not apply” jobs (like Starfleet, particularly the more militarised bits), and make a lot more sense when you bear that in mind. (Yes, I wouldn’t go, but I would also not join anything military-ish in the first place. I rather like living, thanks.)

(Sometimes you do get groups of people who have not already expressed a willingness to do this sort of thing, and they still all agree to it. Those annoy me.)


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